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Masahiro Yamamoto

With proximity to New York State’s capital and state government, in the midst of New York State’s burgeoning Tech Valley, and with access to the intellectual resources that only a large public research institution can provide, the Department of Communication at the University at Albany is an exciting place to study for both undergraduate and graduate students.

If you’ve already chosen to study with us, we hope these pages provide you with useful information about our programs and help in making choices about your education.

If you’re considering the possibility of studying with us, please contact us to discuss your goals and what our Department can offer.

Masahiro Yamamoto
Associate Professor and Department Chair




Associate Professor Masahiro Yamamoto
[email protected]

Administrative Manager

M. Monica Bartoszek
[email protected]

Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor Alyssa Morey
[email protected]

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor Patricia Gettings
[email protected]

Journalism Program Director

Professor Nancy Roberts
[email protected]

Department Office
Department Information

Social Science 351
[email protected]


Academic Advisor

Joseph R. Murphy
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant - PT

Debbie Bourassa
[email protected] 




Social Science building


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