Seminars, Colloquia and Conferences

Scientific gatherings are invaluable to students, because they demonstrate how those highly skilled in a field present a seminar; expose students to basic approaches and principles which traverse disciplines; provide opportunities to discuss careers and decision-making processes; acquaint students with cutting edge, often unpublished, research results; and allow networking with scientists to increase job prospects

RNA Fellows Colloquia

Below is a full list of Seminar Activities and Functions

Activity/Function Frequency Description
Biology Seminars Weekly Broadly-based research presentations by external speakers
BMS-Wadsworth Weekly Broadly-based research presentations by external speakers
Chemistry Seminars Weekly Broadly-based research presentations by external speakers
Visiting Writers Series Weekly Public lectures of acclaimed authors at NYS Writers Institute
Hudson valley RNA Club Monthly RNA-specific, local/Northeast
RNA Fellows Colloquium Monthly Presented by RNA Fellows
New PI-in-RNA Presentation Monthly New PI's present research ideas or grant applications to established faculty
Life Sciences Research Symposium Annual Students and post-docs presentations fro the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology)
Sigma RNA Symposium Annual RNA-based. Technology workshop plus celebrate speakers
Interdepartmental Life Sciences Seminar Annual Started this year (Sunney Xie)
WISC Symposium Annual Workshop for interaction and scientific collaboration - Capital District PIs. Started in 2013 Viruses and other possible elements. 2015 - Neuroscience Development. 2016 - Expanding the Life Sciences Toolkit.
Career Day Annual Joint with Career Services. Invited speakers from different science-based professioins (business, government, journalism, law)
Albany Conversations Biennial International meeting on macromolecules