RNA Blueprint for Post-Baccalaureates

Providing graduates with full-time hands-on research, mentorship, and career development

RBP Program

Our RNA Blueprint for Post-Baccalaureates (RBP) program supports recent graduates with full-time hands-on research training, mentorship, and career development in RNA research. Program participants, once selected, will serve as a member of one the RNA Institute-affiliated research labs for one year.

This program provides research and training opportunities to individuals traditionally underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as well as those who lacked biological research or training opportunities during college. This 12-month program is structured to prepare post-baccalaureates with the technical skills necessary to advance in RNA research, technology development and to transition to academic, professional, and industry careers.

Hands-On Experience

Program participants conduct hypothesis-driven hands-on research in their RNA Institute mentor’s lab, where an experienced PhD or post-doctoral researcher provides day-to-day guidance and skills training.

RPB participants also engage in weekly lab meetings, research seminars, career development training events and attend RNA Institute symposiums and retreats.


Join the RBP Program

Program Benefits

Benefits of the RBP program include:

  • Compensation - salary, health benefits and funding for conference travel are included.
  • Professional Development - career, interview and resume preparation classes targeted towards graduate school applications and industry positions.
  • Community - participants will be part of cohort and will come together with other Institute trainees for journal clubs, professional development classes, poster presentations, networking and social events to build peer support networks
  • Mentorship - participants benefit scientifically and professionally by building strong working relationships with their mentor, other Institute faculty, and Institute network of research staff.
  • Presentation training - participants will organize, prepare and present their research findings and other topics of interest at monthly project meetings and local symposiums, meetings, and workshops.
  • Best practices training - participants and program mentors train in Culturally Responsive Mentoring, Responsible Conduct of Research, and Research Ethics to ensure the mentor, training supervisors, and participant establish a safe, ethical and culturally responsive environment where the student can reach their full potential.
Program Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the RBP program:

  • Be an undergraduate major in biology, chemistry, bionanoscience, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and/or biophysics.
  • Be an individual from a group or groups underrepresented in STEM, a first generation college student, or a student from an under-resourced institution.
  • Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Have a baccalaureate college degree before participating in the program and apply before or within four years of graduation.
    • Exception may be allowed for family, medical leave, or military service.
    • Individuals currently enrolled or accepted into a graduate program are not eligible.
RBP Application

The RBP program currently has a rolling deadline for applications, but a June 1st start date is preferred for RBP participants.

Application materials include:

  • Resume or CV
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Brief, 1-page personal statement that includes:
    • A brief summary of your current research experience (it is okay if you have little to no experience)
    • What areas of science and research are you currently interested in
    • What you hope to gain from the program
    • Future career goals
  • Two recommendation letters
    • Completed recommendations can be sent to [email protected] with "RNA blueprint" in the subject line
    • Please submit letters of recommendation within 1 month of application submission
  • Selection of three RNA Institute labs of interest (see list below).

To apply, please email [email protected] and with "RNA blueprint" in the subject line