About the RNA Training Program

Providing an interdisciplinary training that crosses traditional curriculum boundaries is critical for preparing future RNA researchers to translate advances in RNA science into beneficial technologies.

The three departments Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and Chemistry have a long history of collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas and will contribute equally to this training program.

In addition to the training faculty in these departments, we have resource-faculty from the departments of Mathematics and Physics at UAlbany and RPI, with RNA interests and collaborative experiences with the training faculty. The participating faculty represents a unique assembly of RNA expertise, ranging from single-molecule biophysics and chemical synthesis to development biology and infectious diseases.

Trainees would have the unique opportunity to choose mentors in one of the three departments, participate in cross-departmental collaborations, and have faculty members from all three departments or Physics and Mathematics serve on their thesis committee.

In this age of super-specialization and team-driven science, it is important to train future researchers who simultaneously understand the underlying technical principles of the techniques they are using as well as the biological context of the question at hand.