Kendra Smith-Howard

Explores 20th century agricultural history, and the history of consumer culture and politics

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Kendra Smith-Howard

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: History

Environmental history; twentieth-century US history; history of consumer culture and politics; history of technology; history of public health; agriculture and rural life

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Associate Professor Kendra Smith-Howard's research focuses on environmental history in the twentieth-century United States, particularly in its intersection with histories of agriculture, consumer culture, technology, and public health.

Her first book, Pure and Modern Milk, examined the environmental history of milk and the consequences for changing cultural understandings of milk on the farms from which it came.

Her current book project, Green Clean, traces how the changing methods and practices individual households have used to keep things clean affected the broader environment, and examines ways in which businesses and private industries mediated and shaped consumers’ decisions, state regulators supported and circumscribed such activities, and professionals—such as pediatricians, public health experts, and sanitary scientists—weighed in on decisions.

Smith-Howard's courses work to help students engage with local archives and the world around them.