Ramune Reliene

Investigates cancer risks of engineered nanoparticles and cancer prevention with dietary polyphenols

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Ramune Reliene

Assistant Professor
School of Public Health
Department: Cancer Research Center

Cancer, genetic toxicology, chemoprevention, animal models of cancer

Campus phone: (518) 591-7152
Campus email: rreliene@albany.edu


An Assistant Professor in the Cancer Research Center, Ramune Reliene studies the role of DNA repair genes and environmental agents in cancer etiology and the role of antioxidant-rich foods and nutrients in cancer prevention.

The Reliene lab specializes in the study of genotoxic and cancer risks of engineered silver nanoparticles that are used in a wide variety of consumer and medical products. Other projects examine the role and molecular mechanisms of pomegranate extract in breast cancer prevention and treatment.

The lab uses cellular and whole animal models including DNA repair deficient mice and various molecular and microscopic techniques and high throughput genomic technologies.

Reliene is also an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Health.