Kristen Corbosiero

Studies hurricane formation, structure and intensity change of tropical cyclones

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Kristen Corbosiero

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Tropical cyclones; hurricanes; cloud formation; monsoons

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Corbosiero studies the structure and intensity change of tropical cyclones using both observational data sets, such as aircraft reconnaissance, and lightning, and high-resolution numerical models. She is interested in understanding the physical processes responsible for the formation of hurricane rainbands and secondary eyewalls, and how tropical cyclones respond to, and evolve in, vertical wind shear.

In addition, Corbosiero is leading an ongoing research collaboration between the National Weather Service and UAlbany’s Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, which is providing valuable insights into extreme weather as it trains the next generation of forecasters. The project focuses on the occurrence and prediction of high-impact weather events in the Northeastern United States. Such events, which include damaging winds and hail, widespread and localized flooding, and heavy snow and ice accumulations, have the potential to cause substantial societal and economic disruption.

The research has shed light on such subjects as hurricane-related heavy rainfall, the distribution of small-scale heavy snow bands, and the processes that govern the occurrence and location of severe weather. Research findings are transferred directly into daily NWS forecasts and operations.