Center for Neuroscience Research

Center for Neuroscience Research: Affiliated Faculty

  • David O. Carpenter, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, 518-485-5560
    Electrophysiologic studies of synaptic transmission
  • Haijun Chen, Assistant Professor of Biology,, 518-591-8854
    Membrane biophysics, Channel properties.
  • Bruce C. Dudek, Professor of Psychology,, 518-442-4824
    Behavior Genetics, Alcohol Neuropharmacology, and Psychopharmacology.
  • Paolo E. Forni, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences,
    , 518-442-4361
    Structural, Developmental and genetic analysis of olfactory system.
  • Helmut V. B. Hirsch, Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences,
    , 518-442-4311
    Behavioral and genetic analysis of developmental plasticity in Drosophila; developmental neuroethology.
  • Gregory A. Lnenicka Professor of Biological Sciences,, 518-442-4306
    Synaptic physiology and morphology; the role of activity in synaptic development.
  • Ewan C. McNay Assistant Professor of Psychology
    , 518-442-4820
    Glucose effects on cognition and brain function
  • Anne Messer Professor of Biomedical Sciences,
    , 518-474-0140
    Molecular studies of development, and of degeneration of mouse brain.
  • Li Niu, Associate Professor of Chemistry,, 518-442-4447
    Structure and function of cell surface receptor proteins; kinetic and molecular mechanisms of drug-protein and protein-protein interactions.
  • Andrew Poulos, Assistant Professor of Psychology,, 518-591-8839
    Circuits responsible for adaptive and maladaptive fear related behaviors; interactions between amygdala, hippocampus and prefrontal cortex; stress related alterations.
  • Robert A. Rosellini , Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology,, 518-442-4832
    Associateve learning in drosophila; controlability and predictability of stress; animal models of psychopathology and addiction.
  • John T. Schmidt, Director, Professor of Biological Sciences,, 518-442-4309
    Formation and stabilization of synaptic connections; the development and regeneration of spatial maps in CNS; Growth cone motility and its regulation.
  • Annalisa Scimemi, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences,, 518-442-tbd
    Synaptic structure and function; Astrocyte control of synaptic function; Synaptic basis of neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • Abigail Snyder-Keller Assoc. Professor of Biomedical Sciences, 518-486-2590
    Neural plasticity and development of basal ganglia; transplants of neural tissue.
  • Bruce B. Svare , Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology,, 518-442-4848
    Hormonal influences on aggressive, maternal and sexual behavior; anabolic steroid abuse; sport and society.
  • Ben G. Szaro Professor of Biological Sciences, 518-442-4364
    Neural intermediate filament proteins and the molecular analysis of cell shape determinants in the developing nervous system.
  • David G. Tieman Adjunct Assoc. Professor of Biological Sciences, 518-442-4317
    Videomicroscopy techniques, electrophysiology of synaptic transmission.
  • Christine K. Wagner Associate Professor of Psychology, 518-437-4494
    Maternal and fetal neural development, progesterone and sexual differentiation of the brain and behavior.
  • Sho-Ya Wang Professor of Biological Sciences, 518-591-8829
    Molecular biology of sodium channels
  • Jonathon R. Wolpaw Professor of Biomedical Sciences, 518-473-3631
    Physiologic and anatomic study of memory traces in primate spinal cord.