Music Full-Time Faculty


Bernadette Socha 
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]


Trevor Kahlbaugh 
Piano Accompanist 
[email protected]


Kent Shultz
Piano Technician
[email protected]

Music Emeriti Faculty
Victoria von Arx
Associate Professor, Emeritus
Albin Zak
Professor, Emeritus

Professor James R. Morris, D.M.A.
University of Southern California

Associate Professor R. Findlay Cockrell, M.S. (Collins Fellow)
Juilliard School of Music

Associate Professor K. Drew Hartzell Jr., PhD
University of Rochester

Associate Professor Reed Hoyt, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

In Memoriam

Professor Joel A. Chadabe, M.M.
Yale University

David Griggs-Janower (1952-2013), DM, Indiana University School of Music
At University at Albany 1981-2013
Professor and Director of Choral Music



Theatre Full-Time Faculty
Andi Lyons
Professor, Resident Lighting Designer
Eszter Szalczer
Professor, Theatre Program Director, Theatre History
Kathryn Walat
Associate Professor, Resident Playwright
Chad Larabee
Lecturer, Head of Performance, Resident Director
Steve Michalek
Lecturer, Head of Design and Technology, Technical Director, and Production Manager
Kim Stauffer
Lecturer, Head of Acting, Resident Director


John Knapp
Scene Shop Supervisor
[email protected]

Mark Schrom
Point of Contact
[email protected]


Theatre Emeriti

Associate Professor Robert J. Donnelly
Yale University, MFA