Theatre Core Values

The Theatre Program is committed to fostering an equitable and accessible community for all our students. Our curriculum and production work challenges students to work collaboratively, creatively, and inclusively to solve problems, communicate effectively across mediums, and to acquire the skills necessary to become engaged citizens of a changing world. Students will also acquire proficiency in core theatre knowledge and practice, and embody the self-discipline and work ethic necessary to pursue new and evolving opportunities of a life in the arts.

Theatre Program Core Values

  1. Collaboration – We strive for full and open collaboration to create the highest quality work that represents our community’s values. Collaboration is core to the art form of theatre, and is at its best when all perspectives, voices, skills, and ideas of those involved are integrated into the process and utilized. We aim to mentor open discourse and exchange while working on productions and in the classroom, and strive for a shared vision through dynamic communication while celebrating the individual voice.
  2. Creativity – We seek to enlighten and inspire audiences and the theatre world, and to create a brave space to pursue imaginative work and take creative risks, and stimulate critical thinking across all areas. We embrace opportunities and foster an environment to explore meaningful, innovative ideas that engage both process and product. We aim to make our Theatre community a place where we create work, push through obstacles, and inspire one another.
  3. Intellectual Curiosity and Artistic Integrity – We aim to foster creative and intellectual discovery and imagination inspired by the desire for knowledge, comprehension, and mastery within a liberal arts environment. Our program teaches the skills needed for a life working in the American theatre. We also commit ourselves to creating lifelong learners who appreciate and actively apply critical thinking, and embody the dignity that demands dedication and mutual respect.
  4. Equity, Inclusion, and Community –  We strive to be a community of empowered individuals ready to evolve with the complex and intersectional nature of identity and the voice of marginalized groups in the theatre world. Our classes, productions, and activities, seek to represent and celebrate the wide range of theatre makers at work in the current theatre world including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), LGBTQI+, neurodiverse, body diverse, disabled artists and those representing a variety of religions, beliefs and cultural backgrounds. We strive to explore and produce thought-provoking work that inspires and challenges both our audiences and our own Theatre Program Community.