Storage and Preservation

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The Tissue Core has one New Brunswick U700 -80°C freezer, two Taylor Wharton LS6000 liquid storage tanks with autotend and two Labconco Freezone 4.5 lyophilizers.

Many biological samples including cells, reactions, tissues, reagents, etc. require storage at temperatures at 4°C, -25°C, -80°C or -195°C. Other biological materials are freeze dried in lyophilizers to remove water so as to concentrate them, limit their decomposition and facilitate their storage.

Specific Description:
Each -80°C freezer has two compressors to achieve the low temperatures, a side vent to release vacuum before opening and an alarm system that sounds when the freezer’s temperature is above -70°C. The Taylor Wharton LS 6000 cryogenic storage tanks are filled with liquid nitrogen via an electronic monitoring device called autotend. The autotend allows liquid nitrogen to fill the tank when it falls below the lower sensor and fills it up to the upper sensor. The Labconco lyophilizers have refrigeration units that achieve temperatures below -40°C and are connected to an Edwards XDS 5 oil-less scroll pump to achieve vacuum levels below 0.1 mBar.

For More Information:
Labconco Freezone Manual
Taylor Wharton LS6000 liquid storage tank Manual

Instrument Photographs:
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