Life Sciences Research Symposium is November 21

A composite of Victor Ambros, Paul Turner and Nim Tottenham, with their names displayed in light blue text under each photo.

The Life Sciences Research Symposium provides an opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to present their research through speed talks, oral presentations and posters, according to the general format of remote scientific conferences. It is an important event to promote student excellence and collaboration among researchers in various fields of the Life Sciences.

The Life Sciences Research Symposium will take place on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2024 (in-person) at the D'Ambra Auditorium, Life Sciences Research Building. 

We are excited to feature three distinguished guests in our keynote lectures:

  • Dr. Victor Ambros, Silverman Professor of Natural Sciences, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
  • Dr. Paul Turner, Rachel Carson Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University
  • Dr. Nim Tottenham, Professor of Psychology, Department Chair, Columbia University in the City of New York