Student looking through microscope.
Male life science student looks at specimen.
Professor looking at specimen in glass as two students look on smiling.
Professor Prash Rangan Looks at specimen as students look on.

Contacts for the Life Sciences Initiative

Dr. Jeanette Altarriba, Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
AS 217; phone: (518) 442-4654
[email protected]
Dr. Marlene Belfort, Scientific Director
Life Sciences Research Initiative
LS 2061; phone: (518) 437-4466
[email protected]
Ms. Jessica Moran
Manager, Life Sciences Building Facilities
LS 1065; phone: (518) 437-4414
[email protected]
Dr. Kim DeWeerd
Supervisor, Molecular Biology / Tissue Culture Core
LS 1072; phone: (518) 591-8831
[email protected]
Dr. Vladimir Ermolenkov
Supervisor, Molecular Chemistry Core
LS 1134; phone (518) 591-8890
[email protected]
Dr. Zheng Wei
Crystallography Supervisor
Department of Chemistry
CHM 219; phone: (518) 442-4400
[email protected]
Dr. Chao Wang
Director, Biological Imaging Facility
Department of Biological Sciences
BI 113; phone: (518) 442-4329
[email protected]
Mr. Dane Cellupica
LS 1008; phone (518) 591-8866
[email protected]
for web page comments:
[email protected]