Lambda-35 UV/Visible and Lambda-950 UV/Visible/Near IR spectrophotometers

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Absorption spectroscopy has various applications. It is widely used to study the structure of matter. Analysis of change of the position, intensity and shape of the absorption bands gives the information about changes in the composition and structure of the substances studied. The specificity of absorption spectra of different compounds allows distinguishing them in a mixture. Absorption spectroscopy is particularly effective in the study of processes in liquid media. It is applied for determining concentration of substances in solutions.

The Lambda-35 spectrophotometer operates in the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) spectral regions covering the spectral range of 190 – 1100 nm with the wavelength accuracy of 0.1 nm. The spectrophotometer can measure absorbance in the range of 0 – 3 absorbance units (AU). It can be operated in both a single-beam and a double-beam configuration. The double-beam mode allows measuring and correcting references.

Lambda-950 is a spectrophotometer with enhanced capabilities. It works in the extended spectral range of 190 – 2500 nm with the wavelength accuracy of 0.08 nm in the UV and visible spectral regions and of 0.3 nm in the IR region. Both a single-beam and a double-beam mode of operation are available.

Lambda-35 and Lambda-950 are user friendly instruments. They are controlled from the UVWinlab software installed on the coupled computer. UVWinlab helps the user to create the measuring task, perform the measurements, analyze and save the results, and create the reports on their basis.

Lambda-35 is equipped with the PTP-1 Peltier Temperature Programmer permitting spectrophotometric measurements at controlled temperatures in the 0 – 100 °C range. The measurements can be performed at constant or variable temperatures. The variable temperature measurements can be programmed at the PTP-1 itself or set up using the Templab software installed on the coupled computer.

Lambda-35 and Lambda-950 are located in the rooms LS 1091 and LS 1122, respectively.

For More Information:
Brochure for the Lambda-35
Brochure for the Lambda-950

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Lambda 35 UV/Vis absorption spectrophotometer
Lambda 950 UV/Vis/Near IR absorption spectrophotometer
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