JASCO-815 CD spectropolarimeter

Access or consultation: Dr. Vladimir Ermolenkov, 518-591-8890 or [email protected]

When linearly-polarized light passes through an optically-active substance, its two circularly polarized components (i.e. the right and left circularly polarized beams of light) travel at different speeds, and are absorbed in differing degrees by the substance. The difference in absorption between the left and right polarized light beams is called circular dichroism (CD).

Circular dichroism spectroscopy is a technique where the CD of molecules under study is measured over a wavelength range. CD spectroscopy is used to study various chiral molecules. A primary use of the technique is analysis of the secondary structure and conformation of macromolecules. In particular, it is an excellent method for the study of the conformations adopted by proteins and nucleic acids in solution.

Jasco-815 spectropolarimeter (Jasco, Inc) is used for CD measurements in liquids in the spectral range of 190 – 900 nm and CD full scale of up to 2000 mdeg. The Peltier temperature controller allows doing the measurements in the 0 - 90°C temperature range. The instrument is controlled from the computer via the Spectra Manager II software.

The spectropolarimeter is located in room LS 1141.

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