Eppendorf 5415D & 5417R Centrifuges

For access or consultation: Dr. Kim DeWeerd 591-8831 or kdeweerd@albany.edu

The Molecular Core Facility has two refrigerated microfuges (5417R) and five microfuges without refrigeration (5415D).

A microfuge is a workhorse type of centrifuge used for a variety of separations in small volumes typical of Molecular Biology. The maximum centrifugal force in these centrifuges is 16,000 x g.

Specific Description:
These centrifuges are equipped with fixed angle rotors that accommodate either 24 or 30 in non-refrigerated or refrigerated microfuges, respectively. The rotors can hold either 2.0 ml vials, 1.5 ml vials, 0.5 ml vials or 0.2 ml vials with adapters.

For More Information:
Eppendorf 5415D Centrifuge Manual
Eppendorf 5417R Centrifuge Manual

Instrument Photographs: