BioRad Chemidoc XRS and MP Imagers

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The Molecular Core has one BioRad Chemidoc XRS and one BioRad Chemidoc MP Imagers.

Many of the steps involved in the isolation or identification of specific macromolecules involves separation and isolation procedures on gels or blots. These imagers are designed to visualize and document these steps by photographing gels or blots containing DNA, RNA or protein. Both imagers can take photographs of macromolecules on gels or blots stained with colorimetric reagents, fluorescent dyes or those producing light from chemoluminescent reagents.

Specific Description:
Documentation and quantitation of DNA, RNA and protein separated by electrophoresis are obtained in a cabinet using a cooled CCD camera for enhanced optics. Gels or blots containing fluorescently stained macromolecules are illuminated with UV light and automatically detected using red, green or blue filters depending on the dye used. Colorimetric staining of gels or blots are observed and recorded using visible light. Macromolecules labelled with chemoluminescent reagents are measured and recorded in complete darkness. The software controls the development using either time lapse imaging or cumulative interval imaging in a specified time frame. The quality of the image and any quantitiative measurements are performed using the software. Files can be printed on thermal paper or saved on the hard drive for later transfer.

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