ABI 3130 and ABI 3730 DNA sequencers

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The Molecular Core has one ABI 3130 DNA sequencer and one ABI 3730 DNA sequencer.

Both sequencers use capillary electrophoresis to separate DNA molecules based on length with resolution down to one nucleotide difference. The capillary electrophoresis instruments can be used to sequence DNA from either single genes or multiple genes used in serotyping closely related strains of bacteria. It can be used to identify polymorphisms in conformations of single stranded DNA or in fingerprinting microbial communities digested with endonucleases. It also can be used in microsatellite analysis.

Specific Description:
DNA that is run on the ABI 3130 or ABI 3730 are labelled with specific fluorophores with unique emission spectra. The labelled DNA is separated by electrophoresis in a capillary filled with polyacrylamide polymer. As labeled material migrates into the detection cell, it is illuminated with an Argon-ion multi-line, single laser that excites at 488 and 514.5 nm. Proprietary emission wavelengths are used to distinguish the various fluorophores in the Big Dye Sequencing reagent and they are detected by a CCD for maximum optical sensitivity. The ABI 3130 has four capillaries whereas the ABI 3730 has 48 capillaries that are run simultaneously. Each instrument has actively control temperature in the oven and detection cell between 18°C and 70°C.

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Instrument Photographs:
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