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Linguistic Anthropology Students

Rebecca Dinkel




Educational Background

BA Philosophy & BA Anthropology, University of California, Davis, 2010
MA Linguistics, San Francisco State University, 2013
Yucatec Maya Summer Institute Level I, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 2015

Research Interests

Rebecca is a Ph.D student in the Linguistic track in the Anthropology department. Rebecca is interested in Mesoamerican languages - particularly Cholan and Yucatecan Mayan language families and Triqui – and in Mesoamerican writing systems and art. Within linguistics, she is interested in historical linguistics, corpus linguistics, morph-syntax, semantics, and oral narrative, and how these areas of linguistics can intersect to give a better understanding of historical texts. Rebecca is also interested in how the structure of and kinds of information provided by art and language can be either congruent or incongruent in a given society, or, culture.

Rebecca is part of the Albany Copala Triqui Working Group, which meets regularly to build an online dictionary and corpus of texts of Triqui. She has presented her research on the unique syntactic properties of the Triqui causative construction, which display properties of both an adjunct clause and controlled clause construction. This research challenges notions about the kinds of properties clauses can have, in any language.

Rebecca has also participated in Yucatec Maya Summer Institute, a language and cultural immersion program. Contemporary Yucatec Maya aides her research of Yucatec Maya colonial texts, given the limited kinds of vocabulary, grammatical constructions and topics available in these documents.