Jennifer Burrell

Jennifer Burrell

Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
Department of Latin American, Caribbean & U.S. Latino Studies


Arts & Sciences 244

PhD, New School for Social Research (2005) 

Jennifer Burrell

I’m a sociocultural political anthropologist broadly interested in questions of power, structural and political violence, political economy, law, and the construction of inequalities. I conduct research in Guatemala, Mexico, Europe and the United States on migration, security, human rights, humanitarianism, and the state.

I am active in the fields of human rights, humanitarianism and development, and worked as a researcher for the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF), a consultant to large development organizations and smaller NGOs, and I provide testimony for asylum cases. I strive to utilize the insights of social and political economic theory and ethnography to address practical and policy concerns.

Research Interests

Latin America/Central America and the diaspora, the Maya Political economy, structural and political violence, in/security, gender, generation, the state, Human rights, development, humanitarianism, Migration, transnationalism, globalization, indigeneity, Health and immigrant healthcare access