Procedures for Publication with IMS

IMS now works exclusively with the University Press of Colorado. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for publication with us, please follow this links for details:



The publication of scholarly books on Mesoamerica is one of the major activities of the Institute.  IMS publishes two series of scholarly books on Mesoamerica: IMS Monographs and Studies on Culture and Society.  Our books are edited and produced in-house, printed and bound at a commercial press. IMS also periodically publishes Occasional Publications and Papers. These are usually project or site reports that are produced in-house as well. The only difference is that authors submitting occasional publications and papers are responsible for their own editing, design, and layout.

Institute for Mesoamerican Studies Monograph Series

Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, Studies on Culture and Society

IMS Occasional Publications Series

Textbook: The Legacy of Mesoamerica



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