Graduate Assistantships & Tuition Scholarships

Graduate tuition scholarships are typically awarded directly by academic units and apply toward tuition charges only of a student’s bill. Detailed information regarding such awards may be reviewed in the document UAlbany Graduate Assistantship, Fellowship & Tuition Scholarship Guidelines for Students linked below. There are specific procedural requirements for tuition scholarship recipients who are New York State residents as detailed within the Office of Student Financial Services website.

Important Reminders:

  • Because the vast majority of assistantship, fellowship and tuition scholarship awards are administered directly in the University’s schools and colleges by faculty and staff in each academic program, you should inquire about these awards at your specific academic department of interest.
  • Prospective students seeking to apply for these awards should include the graduate assistantship/fellowship application form with the application for graduate study submitted to the Office of Graduate Education by the published deadline.
  • Continuing graduate students should make direct application for funding with the academic department of enrollment. In addition, a small number of administrative assistantships and tuition scholarships are available within University administrative/service offices and the Office of Residential Life.
  • A roster and contact information for these positions may be viewed or printed from the link on this page.

Resources for Current/Prospective Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistantship, Fellowship & Tuition Scholarship Guidelines for Students:

Graduate and Teaching Assistant Fringe Benefit Information
Division for Research Graduate Student Funding Opportunities and Proposal Resources

Administrative Unit Graduate Assistantships

Administrative (non-departmental) Assistantship Positions:

Administrative Assistantship Position Descriptions:

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