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Financial Aid Refunds

When students receive more financial aid than their University charges, the extra funds are paid to the student (or parent for PLUS loan) as a "refund".  Financial aid, including loans, will be used first to pay student account charges. A refund will be issued only if there is a credit after charges are paid.

Students should be financially prepared to meet any non-University expenses at the start of the term.

Refund Facts

  • Refunds may not be available until the start of classes.
  • Students may receive several smaller refunds, rather than a single large refund.
  • Refunds will depend on the status of the student's financial aid.
  • Students may not receive their complete refund until two to six weeks after the start of the term.
  • Students are responsible for paying any additional charges incurred after receiving their refund.

Refund Tips

  • Be sure there are no holds on your Student Account and your financial aid application is complete.
  • Regularly check and complete your MyUAlbany Important Items list.
  • External scholarships should be mailed by mid-July to: Student Accounts, Campus Center G-26, University at Albany, Albany, NY 12222.
  • Sign up for an "e-refund" on epay.albany.edu to transmit refunds electronically to a specified bank account.
  • For students requiring funds for academic purchases, such as books and supplies, upon request University Auxiliary Services will advance up to $650 against your Student Account on a Podium account the first two weeks of each semester. Visit www.albany.edu/uas for details.
  • Graduate students with a tuition scholarship should be registered for the total credits covered by the scholarship by July 8 (and December 1 for spring) and consult with the academic department to be sure your scholarship has been posted and paperwork forwarded to Human Resources.