Accept your awards

Why do I need to accept my awards? 

Students who are offered loans or federal work-study as part of their financial aid package must accept, reduce or decline these awards before their aid can be processed any further. Scholarships and grants will be automatically accepted. 

Why am I being charged these fees? 

In accordance with State University of New York policy 7804 on Fees, Rentals and Other Charges, the University at Albany charges broad-based fees to all enrolled students to finance discrete activities that benefit the student body, excluding those activities that are part of the core instructional program.

Broad-Based Fees include but are not limited to: 

  • Comprehensive Service Fee (offering Health, Transportation and Technology Services) 

  • Recreation and Campus Life Fee (formerly the Student Recreation Fee) 

  • Intercollegiate Athletics Fee 

  • University Fee 

  • Academic Excellence Fee 

  • Career Services Fee

 Learn more about the campus services covered by student fees.

Why didn't I receive a financial aid award?

If you applied for financial aid but haven't received an award notification, or if you were awarded aid you don't see it reflected on your bill, please check the following:

  • Did you file the FAFSA for the correct aid year?

  • Did you list the UAlbany federal school code 002835 on your FAFSA application? 

  • Did the Office of Financial Aid send you an email or letter requesting information after you filed your FAFSA?

  • Do you have any "Important Notices" listed on MyUAlbany?

  • If your FAFSA was rejected or selected for verification, did you submit new or corrected documentation?

  • Have you accepted your awards?

  • Did you secure your federal loans by completing the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN)?

  • For current students continuing their studies, have you registered or pre-registered for at least six credits (undergraduates) or at least five credits (graduate students)?

  • Are you matriculated in a degree program?

  • Do you have an email address listed on MyUAlbany

  • Does your email spam filter block emails from addresses?

  • Do you have the correct permanent address listed for yourself on MyUAlbany

  • Did you receive a letter about your academic progress

  • For New York State residents:

Contact Student Financial Services at [email protected] or 518-442-3202 with any questions.

Get started

  1. Sign into MyUAlbany

  2. Click “Accept/Decline Awards” under the “Finances” tab. 

  3. Click on the appropriate “Aid Year” to view the “Award Summary Screen.” 

The Award Summary Screen will list your financial aid awards for the selected aid year and academic terms of that aid year. Next, you must either accept, reduce or decline your awards. 

Accept an award

  1. Click the “Accept” box for the award(s) you wish to accept or click the “Accept All” button to accept all awards. 

  2. This will activate the amount in the “Accepted” field, allowing you to reduce the accepted award amount, if desired. 

  3. Click the “Submit” button to lock-in your accepted amount.  

  4. A confirmation box will appear. When you click “Yes”, you will be returned to the “Award Package” screen and see your accepted amount in the accepted field. 

Decline an award

  1. Click the “Decline” box for the award you wish to decline. A check will appear in the box and the offered amount will change to $0.00. 

  2. Click the “Submit” button to lock-in your decision to decline. 

  3. A confirmation box will appear. When you click “Yes”, you will be returned to the “Award Package” screen, which will no longer have buttons to accept or decline awards. 

Change your award after accepting or declining it

Once a student has accepted or declined their awards, any changes must be completed by the Office of Financial Aid. Contact us at [email protected] or 518-442-3202.

Please fill out the Federal Direct Loan Adjustment Form to request increases or changes in your federal direct loan.

Reinstating a federal-work study is dependent on the funds still being available.

Students will need to accept any reinstated offers on MyUAlbany.

Note: Only students with a federal work-study offer will see the work-study link on their MyUAlbany Finances page. 

Be sure to check your MyUAlbany Important Notices after you accept, reduce or decline your financial aid awards.