Authorize the use of your financial aid to pay additional charges


Federal regulations bar UAlbany from using certain types of financial aid to pay certain charges without your authorizations. That means you need to authorize the use your financial aid to pay charges not automatically covered by your aid. Otherwise, you will be required to pay those expenses out of pocket. 

Authorizing your financial aid to pay additional charges won’t affect how those charges are calculated or applied. 

To authorize the use of your financial aid to pay additional charges, log into the FA2Pay: Authorize Use of Financial Aid to Pay Other Charges application and click yes. 

If you have previously authorized this and want to change your answer, you must notify Student Financial Services in writing. Please contact us at [email protected] or 518-442-3202 for more information. 


What types of charges are we talking about?  

  • Campus Gold charges 

  • Health Center charges 

  • SUNY Card replacement charges 

  • Library charges 

  • Room damage charges 

  • Orientation charges 

  • Late fees 

  • Student-Alumni Partnership charges 

  • Class dues / Five Quad (find this under “Optional Charges” on the MyUAlbany Finances tab) 

For a description of all charges, please visit our Fees Disclaimer page. 


Funds from a Parent PLUS loan 

Federal regulations allow UAlbany to automatically apply funds from a parent PLUS loan to tuition, fee, housing and food charges. charges. Parents must complete a parent authorization form to allow UAlbany to use funds from a parent PLUS loan to pay for other cost-of-attendance charges — such as lost room keys fees, health center charges or room damage fees — billed by the University.