Office of the Dean

School of Education Dean's Office Staff
Sara Anderson
Manager of Contracts and Grants Development
Catskill 293
Morgan Boland
Director of Development
Catskill 292
Cheryl Dozier
Associate Professor & Associate Dean; Dept Co-Chair
Catskill 353
Tammy Ellis-Robinson
Assistant Professor; SOE Director of Equity & Inclusion
Catskill 231
Rory Glass
Regional Director, Capital Region, NYS Master Teacher Program
Catskill 157
Virginia Goatley
Dean of the School of Education; Professor
Catskill 281
Chris Ives
Director, Computing Facilities
Catskill B064
Sharon Malison
Assistant for Communications
Catskill 288
Joelle Mann
Assistant Director of Field Education
Catskill 223
Alison Olin
Assistant Dean for Personnel and Planning
Catskill 289
Sean Pease
Assistant Director for Accreditation and Student Success
Catskill 290
Olivia Pounds
Manager of Finance for Grants and Contracts
Catskill 295
Jerusalem Rivera-Wilson
Director of Professional Development and Continuing Education
Catskill 253
Elizabeth Skrobela
Director of Communications
Catskill 287
Christy Smith
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, Partnerships and Accreditation; Executive Director of Student Success; Assistant Service Professor
Catskill 285
Kimberly M. Smith
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Catskill 281
Penny Strobeck
Manager of Finance and Operations
Catskill 291
Alyssa Yusko
Director of Student Engagement and Pathways Into Education (PIE) Center
Catskill 101