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Group Facilitation
Process Expertise for Group Effectiveness
Moderator: Sandor P. Schuman

Survey Tools Online
(compiled by Sandor Schuman, Deborah Starzynski)

Information About Online Survey Research

Research Articles - WWW Survey Assistant
Online Survey Research - University Centers
Internet Survey Information - University of Kansas Communication Studies
Web Survey Methodology - University of Ljubljana


Electronic Survey Tools

Recommendations/referrals from IAF listserve members   A modest license fee gives access to a library of existing surveys, or the option to create your own.  According to the submitter – “best basic statistical analysis and reporting capability along with being very user friendly”. The survey and results are hosted at, but you can download your results, etc.       University of Virginia site: The survey design is very flexible and easy to set up: T/F statements, multiple choice, essay, etc. Submitter’s comments: “Excellent support.  Data can be arrayed in a number of different data bases.”         

Seattle based used as vendor of choice by Microsoft etc. According to their website.

Specializes in online solutions to feedback.  Employee and community feedback.  Many options available and varying degrees of complexity. All surveys are tailored to meet consumer needs.      It is very easy to use and manage.  The owner of the software and his employees are responsive to questions and comment. (Note this was recommended by several submitters from Europe, Canada and USA)  Focused on mobile and offline surveys.        Open Source Software
The tool is e360. It is Robust, flexible, allows real-time response monitoring, graphical reporting. It can be hosted by the developer or the client can purchase a license (both come with customer support.
A demo is available at the site.    Virtual CEO is the tool name. Web-based.

Demo available at this site. WebSurveyor  there is a whole list of online survey providers in the files section of the online facilitation list

Absolute Survey Software
AndersonBell Market Research SoftwareWorld Wide Web Survey Assistant - Software for Internet Surveys & Tests
Cogix ViewsFlash -- Internet Polling, Survey, and Rating Software
MessageMedia Customer Intelligence
ODTools - First Page Web Services - Your Web Solutions Leader
Raosoft EZSurvey
RightNow Technologies Metrics
Senecio - [Askanywhere]
Survey Select, Saja Software, Inc.
Virtua - FastVote(tm) Java-based Web Survey Software for Internet-Intranet-Kiosk Surveys and Polls
Wright Ideas - Productivity Systems For Business