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Process Expertise for Group Effectiveness
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Archives of the Electronic Discussion on Group Facilitation

Advice to New Facilitators - 2005

Books Pertaining to Group Facilitation

Brokers for Trainers and Facilitators

Business Process Reengineering articles by Ned Ruete

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Reengineering, or, Everything You Always Wanted to Know about BPR but were Afraid You Wouldn't Like the Answer

Managing Reengineering Polarities: People and Technology, Process and System

Catalogs, organizations, and newsletters


Dialogue-1, Dialogue-2, Dialogue-3

Evaluating Group Processes

Evaluating Group Processes - Bibliography

Facilitation Methods

Facilitator Competencies

Facilitating Groups with Learning Difficulties

Facilitating Video- and Teleconferences

Fees - Survey Results

Future of Facilitation

Generating Agendas

Ground Rules Discussion - May 2003

Hogging the Discussion

Icebreakers and Introductions for Groups

Institutionalizing a Culture of Participation

Intellectually Dead

Internet Resources Pertaining to Group Facilitation

Joint Application Development

Late Comers

Links to Survey Tools Online

Links to Materials on Virtual Groups

Making Strategic Plans Operational

Management Mailing Lists

Mediation and Facilitation



Open Space Technology

Participative Design

Public Participation

Raising Fees

Scenario Planning

Systems Thinking Exercises

Taxonomy of Group Facilitation

Team Building

Team Building and Dinner

Terminology Pertaining to Group Facilitation

Tools & Processes

Training Resources

Violence in the Workplace

Vision Statements

Voting with Dots



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