Counseling and Psychological Services are virtual

You can now schedule your first appointment Online or by Phone!

Schedule your first appointment of the school year online by clicking the link below. Please make sure to have your Student ID number and schedule available.

Schedule Your First Appointment of the School Year Online

*Follow-up appointments must be scheduled by phone at 518-442-5800 or with your therapist during your sessions

Schedule An Appointment by Phone

  1. Have your schedule and Student ID Number ready.
  2. Call 518-442-5800 during reception hours from 9am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  3. We will ask a few questions to help schedule you for the appropriate service.

Maintaining Mental Health During COVID-19

We are updating this page regularly with resources we have created to support UAlbany students during COVID-19

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Groups Logo

Spring 2021 Groups Schedule

Stay connected with a group at CAPS. See what we have to offer and whether a group might be right for you.


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UAlbany Suicide Prevention Trainings for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Learn how to help prevent suicide and other mental health crises by recognizing warning signs and helping students get the help they need. The online training takes about 45 minutes total to complete and can be watched at your own pace. The UAlbany Suicide Prevention Trainings were developed by CAPS and funded by a SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant.

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