Resources for Students

To Help You Quit

A number of campus and community resources are available to help UAlbany students manage their tobacco use. The following resources have been gathered to help you in your journey toward smoking cessation:



Icon: PhoneNYS Smokers' Quitline

This quitline serves New York residents, including UAlbany students who can provide a NY State address and live on campus most days out of the year.

  • 1-866-NY-QUITS (866-697-8487)
  • Operates 7 days a week
    • M-Th: 9am-9pm
    • F-Sun: 9am-5pm
  • 2 week starter kit of Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  • Access to a quit coach
  • Coach can work with most insurances to help caller get additional Nicotine Replacement Therapy

This national quitline service will direct you to the appropriate quitline based on the area code from which you are calling. If you call from a NY area code, you will be directed to the NYS Smokers’ Quitline.


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LiveHelp Chat

Icon: Chat bubbleLiveHelp Chat is a one-on-one online chat service staffed by real people and is provided by the National Cancer Institute.

  • Also available in Spanish
  • Offers the following options:
    • Speak with a smoking cessation counselor for help with quitting smoking
    • Speak with an information specialist about cancer or clinical trials
    • Hear recorded information about cancer

Icon: Cellphone

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QuitGuide App LogoQuitGuide App

From the App Store description:
"QuitGuide is a free smartphone app that can help you quit smoking. You can track your cigarette cravings and moods, monitor your progress toward achieving smokefree milestones, discover your reasons for quitting smoking, identify smoking triggers and develop strategies to deal with them, get expert guidance on how to quit smoking and address nicotine withdrawal, and access a variety of other strategies to help you successfully become and stay smokefree. QuitGuide provides tips to use during cravings. Use these tips to help you manage your mood and stay smokefree. QuitGuide also gives you the ability to track cravings by time of day and location, so you can receive support when and where you need it. To get more tips and support, you can also visit the website. QuitGuide is a product of (SfG)—a smoking cessation resource created by the Tobacco Control Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with tobacco control professionals and smoking cessation experts and with input from ex-smokers."

Get it on the Google Play StoreDownload the App from the iTunes Store

QuitSTART App LogoquitSTART App

From the App Store description:
"quitSTART is a free app made for teens who want to quit smoking, but adults can use it too. This app takes the information you provide about your smoking history and gives you tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges to help you become smokefree and live a healthier life. 

quitSTART helps you: 

  • Get ready to quit with tips and information to prepare you for becoming smoke-free
  • Monitor your progress and earn badges for smoke-free milestones and other achievements
  • Get back on track if you slip and smoke
  • Manage cravings and bad moods in healthy ways
  • Distract yourself from cravings with games and challenges
  • Store helpful tips, inspirations, and challenges in your Quit Kit
  • Share your progress and favorite tips through social media

    quitSTART is a product of Smokefree Teen—a smoking cessation resource for teens created by the Tobacco Control Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and input from tobacco control professionals, smoking cessation experts, and ex-smokers."

    Get it on the Google Play StoreDownload app from the iTunes Store

SmokeFree App LogoSmokeFree App

From the App Store Description:
"This is the stop smoking app that science built. Over 20 different, evidence-based, techniques to help you become - and stay - smoke free. See how much money you've saved, how many cigarettes you've not smoked, how long you've been smoke free, how much life you've regained and how your health is improving. 

Log your cravings, get tips on dealing with them, use the map to see where they congregate, the notes to see what patterns can be identified and the graph to see how they're decreasing. 

All this is free to use and entirely free of ads. If you need extra help giving up smoking our missions could be just what you need, as they've been proven to double your chances of quitting. No other app can promise you this.

We proved the missions worked by performing a rigorous scientific experiment. As far as we know, this is the first ever randomised control trial run entirely within an app. Its success means we want to run many more and our goal is to constantly make our app more effective

This is all entirely voluntary and you can download the app without taking part in the experiment. Your data will be kept anonymous and you can delete it at any time. But we really hope you do take part because everyone who does will help the quitters who follow. So do yourself a favour by quitting smoking. And do your fellow smokers a favour by helping them understand how it's done."

Get it on the Google Play StoreDownload App on the iTunes store

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SmokeFree US

Follow SmokeFree US on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for daily updates that are intended to help you or someone you care about quit smoking.

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Support Groups

Icon: Group of People

CAPS Tobacco Cessation Group

The Butt Stops Here

  • Support group for quitting
  • Most people are eligible for the patch or gum through this program


  • St. Peter's Hospital Cancer Care Center
    317 South Manning Blvd.
    Suite 100
    Albany, NY
    To register call Anne Lawton at 518-525-1827

  • St. Mary's Hospital
    1300 Massachusetts Ave.
    Troy, NY
    To register call Therese O'Callaghan at 518-268-6442
  • McClellan Street Health Center
    Sleep Center Conference Room (4th Floor)
    600 McClellan Street
    Schenectady, NY 12304
    To register call Kathy at 518-831-6957 or visit their website

Nicotine Anonymous (NicA)


  • Bethany Reformed Church
    760 New Scotland Ave
    Albany, NY 12208
    Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.
    Call 518-368-6210 for more information

The Courage to Quit

  • Free, faith-based group that meets periodically and uses parts of the Butt Stops Here.
  • Sessions are led by a mission staff member
  • Includes materials for quitting and two weeks of patches or gum.
  • No registration is required
  • Call 518-459-2550 for the group's schedule.


  • Capital City Rescue Mission
    259 South Pearl Street
    Albany, NY
    Thursdays at 7:30-8:30 p.m.

  • Capital City Rescue Mission Schenectady
    425 Hamilton Street
    Schenectady, NY
    Mondays at 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Quit for Life

  • Free cessation program


  • Glens Falls Hospital's CR Wood Cancer Center Library
    100 Park St.
    Glens Falls, NY 12801
    To register or for more info call (518) 926-6629

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Icon: Human BrainAs a UAlbany student, you may be eligible for group counseling to help with smoking cessation.

Brian Freidenberg, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Addictive Behaviors Specialist
Counseling and Psychological Services
400 Patroon Creek Boulevard Suite 104
Albany, NY 12206
Phone: 518-442-5800
Fax: 518-442-3096


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Medical Assistance

Icon: HeartbeatAs a UAlbany student, you may be eligible for medical assistance through Student Health Services, including nicotine replacement therapy and prescription medication.

For more information, contact Student health Services at:

Student Health Services
400 Patroon Creek Blvd
Suite 200
Albany, NY 12206

PHONE (518) 442-5454

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Additional Websites

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Contact Us

Questions? Feedback?
Email the Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Albany Steering Committee Co-Chairs at


Estela M. Rivero, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for
Student Affairs Health,
Counseling, and Behavioral Health

M. Dolores Cimini, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Behavioral Health Promotion and Applied Research