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Extra Service

NOTE: Extra Service must be fully approved PRIOR TO commencing the extra Service work.

Extra Service is compensation to full-time exempt employees who are called upon to perform activities that are not directly related to their recognized institutional duties, or that significantly increases the recognized institutional duties for a fixed period of time, such as providing expertise outside the employee’s obligation, regular department, school or college.  Extra compensation for these services not directly related to institutional duties may be permitted when certain conditions are met.  In addition, it is important to ensure extra service compensation paid from federally funded awards complies with requirements in Office of Management and Budget (OMB) circular A-21, Cost Principles for Educational Institutions.


The RF policy for establishing salaries for extra service compensation follows established RF compensation policies and procedures for regular employees with some additional requirements. Refer to Salary Rules and Policies When Assigning Regular Employees for policy and responsibilities associated with establishing salaries for regular employees.  The extra-service appointment of a State University employee may be subject to additional requirements and approval under SUNY and campus policies and procedures.  Additionally, the extra service salary rate for a full time SUNY employee may exceed the maximum of the RF pay range without additional approvals when the rate is consistent with SUNY salary rules for the base obligation compensation.


All RF employment must be approved according to Research Foundation policies and procedures, comply with RF position titles and standards, and comply with federal and state laws and regulations.  In addition, RF follows OMB Circular A-21 and related regulations in charging allowable "Extra Service Compensation" to federally funded projects.


Please refer to the official Research Foundation policy on Salary Rules and Policies When Assigning Extra Service for important information, including:


•Requirements for Extra Services Compensation

•Additional Requirements for Extra Service on Federally-Funded Activities

•Criteria for Determining the Amount for Extra Service Compensation

•Limit on Payments



In accordance with federal guidelines and SUNY regulations, compensation for extra service must not exceed an amount equal to 20 percent of regular base salary rate in any academic year or 12-month period.  All university and sponsor approvals must be obtained prior to any commitments or work being performed.


SUNY employees requesting extra service with the RF will need to complete the UP-8A form. RF employees requesting extra service with the RF will need to complete the Extra Service Compensation Approval Form.


Should you have any questions, please contact the Research Foundation Human Resources Office at 437-4500.


The Research Foundation is an employer separate and distinct from SUNY and the State of New York, thereby offering separate and distinct compensation and benefits.  Please contact the RF HR Office with any questions pertaining to Research Foundation employment policies and procedures.