Faculty Summer Salary

About Faculty Summer Salary 

The appointment of a SUNY faculty member or professional employee to the Research Foundation's payroll through a summer-only appointment must be approved in accordance with SUNY policies and procedures. 

The faculty summer salary period runs from mid-May through mid-August. Summer salary must not exceed three months (13 weeks) and must not overlap any part of a faculty member’s academic year obligation. Note: Summer salary periods longer than two months require a waiver.

If an investigator receives three months of summer salary from sponsored projects, the funding agencies do not allow for time to write proposals, work on other research or do significant administrative work beyond de minimis activity (such as brief consultation with graduate students, handling an occasional non-project-related phone call or email, or attending a short, rare administrative meeting).


Summer Salary Employment Paperwork 

It is critical that principal investigators (PIs) complete and submit the employment paperwork (below) in a timely manner. Late paperwork puts the institution at risk of audit findings and can lead to penalties and debarment from federal contracts. 

We encourage faculty members to submit their employment paperwork well in advance of the appointment period, if possible, but it may not be submitted later than the first day of work

Completed forms must be sent to [email protected] or brought to RFHR’s offices, located in Management Service Center (MSC) 100C. 

Forms for New Faculty

If you have never been appointed on the Research Foundation (RF) at UAlbany payroll for the summer, or if you have been appointed to the RF at UAlbany payroll for the summer before but not for the immediate past summer, please follow the New Faculty instructions:

Forms for Rehired Faculty

If you were appointed to the RF at UAlbany payroll for the immediate past summer, please follow the Rehired Faculty instructions:

Paid Family Leave Waiver

You can opt out of Paid Family Leave by completing the Paid Family Leave Waiver if you don’t expect to work for the RF at UAlbany for the minimum amount of time required for eligibility.  

  • If a schedule change results in you working enough time to meet the eligibility requirements, your waiver will be automatically revoked. 

  • You may voluntarily revoke your waiver at any time.  

  • If your waiver is revoked, the RF at UAlbany may begin taking payroll deductions and may retroactively collect deductions from the date you signed the waiver. 

Request Additional Time on Summer Salary

To extend summer-only employment for a SUNY faculty member beyond two months, the faculty member must submit a Faculty Waiver Request for Charging More than Two Months Summer Salary Form to [email protected].

The form must be approved and signed by the faculty member and their chair, dean or vice president.