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Bringing Research & Business Together through Innovation at UAlbany

For years, the University at Albany has driven innovation, tackled pressing issues and ignited entrepreneurial success. Our programs and services:

  • Support technology startups through mentorship, expertise and community
  • Protect intellectual property, license technology and commercialize innovations
  • Train the next generation of researchers and entrepreneurs
  • Address our communities’ most pressing concerns
  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships between researchers and businesses

Together, the Office of Technology Transfer and the Office of Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, and Industry Partnerships work to support both UAlbany researchers and outside industry partners.


IP & Technology Transfer
A researcher in a white lab coat and blue protective gloves writes on a transparent whiteboard inside a scientific laboratory.

Realize the market potential of your discovery. Intellectual property (IP) protection and licensing support is available for researchers and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship & Startups
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Join our incubator program for technology startups. Access entrepreneurial training and mentoring through the NSF I-Corps program.

Collaborate with UAlbany
A researcher looks at a piece of equipment inside the Ion Beam Lab.

Search and license UAlbany technology. Connect with UAlbany experts, facilities and equipment. Participate in our programs for businesses.


Case Studies

SupreMEtric, LLC

UAlbany startup SupreMEtric has pioneered the use of Raman spectroscopy, coupled with advanced machine learning methods, for forensic purposes — specifically, testing body fluid samples (such as blood or saliva) quickly and accurately.

The company has participated in UAlbany’s Innovation Center, NSF I-Corps and other state and federal programs. It has received over $1.3 million in funding, including grants for research with high commercialization potential.

Learn more about SupreMEtric.

A researcher works in front of a microscope inside a scientific laboratory.
A researcher in a white lab coat and blue protective gloves uses an instrument inside a lab.

sxRNA Technologies Inc.

UAlbany spinoff company sxRNA Technologies Inc. (sxRNA Tech) builds ribonucleic acid (RNA) “switches,” also called structurally interacting RNAs (sxRNA). These are molecular tools for targeting and stopping harmful cells that cause disease.

The company has secured three patents, participated in UAlbany’s NSF I-Corps and other SUNY programs and received $500,000 in federal funding to study how aging brain cells shape the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Learn more about sxRNA Tech.

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