RF Human Resources

Non-Citizen Employment

PLEASE NOTE for Non-Citizen Employment: Research Foundation appointments are contingent upon proof of identity and employment eligibility.  After an offer is made, and prior to the commencement of any work, non-citizens must complete an I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification) with RFHR so that the necessary documentation can be reviewed to determine their work authorization.  Please have the individual call 518-437-4500 for an appointment to come to RFHR, located in MSC 100C, with their original documents to complete the I-9 in person. 

A non-citizen's presence and employment in the United States are governed by the requirements of their visa. There should be no work performed until the Form I-9 is completed with RFHR in our office at MSC 100C. If the non-citizen does not have the proper work authorization documents to complete the Form I-9, then work may not begin. The following information outlines the various types of visas and what documentation supports the completion of the I-9:

·       F-1 UAlbany student:

o   Passport

o   I-94 (print electronic version)

o   I-20 (issued by the International Scholars & Student Services)

·       J-1 UAlbany student or research scholar

o   Passport

o   I-94 (print electronic version)

o   DS2019 (with work authorization letter from sponsor)

·       H-1B visa employment is employer specific. Therefore, an H-1B visa with SUNY does not provide work authorization with the Research Foundation, as we are separate employers. Consequently, a full-time SUNY employee holding an H-1B visa for work at SUNY, must obtain a concurrent H-1B visa to work at the Research Foundation.

The immigration law firm, Harris Beach, PLLC, prepares all H1B petitions for Research Foundation employees. In addition to the H1B filing fees of $960 paid to USCIS (United States Citizen and Immigration Services), the initial legal fees charged by Harris Beach may be up to $2,000. In addition, there is the possibility that additional legal fees will be incurred, for example, for complex matters that require additional analysis or research (e.g., research for alternative wage surveys to address prevailing wage issues) or to respond to any requests for evidence (RFE) that may be received from USCIS. 

Please note: Filing timeframes for visas are taking longer than in the past. RFHR recommends that all visa requests be submitted for processing as early as possible. We are seeing delays, along with additional requests for evidence and information from USCIS.



The Research Foundation is an employer separate and distinct from SUNY and the State of New York, thereby offering separate and distinct compensation and benefits.  Please contact the RF HR Office with any questions pertaining to Research Foundation employment policies and procedures.