Research Report 2012-2013


From studies that inform evidence-based medicine to investigations that help explain the dynamics of storms, research at the University at Albany has a wide-ranging impact.

This report highlights how UAlbany research enhances the welfare of both local communities and distant nations. You’ll learn about outstanding faculty members who are leading the way through innovation, creativity and discovery. UAlbany investigators are addressing the ever-growing threat of cybercrime and developing new methods for solving crimes. Across disciplines, researchers are studying how to manage and best use the massive amounts of digital data now available.

Faculty are putting their expertise to work around the globe assisting governments in controlling trade of goods and technologies related to weapons of mass destruction. And closer to home, UAlbany scientists are working with and seeking partners to put their discoveries and innovations to work for the greater good.

These are some of the ways in which the University at Albany is making a real difference for society today.

President Jones and Vice President Dias