About the Division for Research

The Mission of the Division for Research is:

To increase UAlbany’s visibility in, and resources for, advancing and disseminating knowledge, discovery, and scholarship.

To engage diverse communities in strategic partnerships and increase public, scholarly and economic benefits.

Our Vision:

  • A University where world-class research, scholarship and artistic endeavors are nurtured and flourish; where these activities are supported by the Division and promoted in ways that enable it to grow, to attract external funding and recognition, and to engage students at all levels.
  • A research University which leads in strategic partnerships and engagement with faculty, students, alumni, and local to global communities for university advancement, societal and scholarly benefit, and economic development.
  • A research University recognized for our work to create and apply new knowledge relevant to addressing the critical issues of the 21st century.
  • A University which leverages its distinctive strengths and the competitive advantage of its strategic location in New York’s capital city to enhance its reputation, influence and impact. 

The Division strives to:

  • Promote, support, and increase research, scholarship and creative work by faculty, staff, and students.
  • Provide seamless administrative support to faculty, staff and students for external funding development, management and compliance oversight.
  • Improve infrastructure support for all scholarly and creative activities
  • Offer training and support for the entrepreneurial activities of our faculty, staff and students.
  • Engage industry, small businesses and start up entities to partner with the University to achieve their short and long term goals.