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Protecting New York's Future

Our Mission 

It is the mission of the New York State University Police at Albany to safeguard our community with the highest regard for the sanctity of human life by providing service which strives at all times to deliver proactive policing with a focus on integrity and service.


Our Vision 

To be the nation's premier provider of law enforcement and campus safety, seeking to eliminate crime and disorder by utilizing progressive, evidence-based policing methods and superior community involvement to build enduring trust, transparency, and cooperation between our department and the community we serve.

UPD Officers at State of New York Police Officers Memorial

University Police Department Training

The University Police Department is deeply committed to continuous, relevant training. This assures all staff are prepared to serve the community with the highest level of professionalism.

All Officers

Active Shooter Response: Training designed to prepare the agency and members to effectively plan, respond to, and recover from active shooter and/or hostile events using classroom training, tabletop exercises, and dynamic force-on-force scenarios

Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response (ALERRT) - Level 1: A dynamic training course designed to prepare first responders to isolate, distract, and neutralize an active shooter using classroom and dynamic force-on-force scenarios

AWR 313 Homemade Explosives Awareness and Recognition: Training for awareness, recognition, and response to incidents involving the possible presence of homemade explosive devices in order to effectively prevent, interdict, and respond to imminent threats caused by the devices and actors

Basic Academy for Police Officers: Consists of over 700 hours of classroom and dynamic reality-based training scenarios which include Ethics and Professionalism, Professional Communications, Bias-Related Incidents, NYS Penal Law, Use of Force, Incident De-escalation, Defensive Tactics, etc.

Basic Group Facilitation Skills: Training on conducting effective group-based sessions while maintaining a position as a neutral facilitator

Clery and Title IX: Training on the history and current law enforcement applications and requirements of Clery and Title IX

Clery and Title IX Refresher: Refresher training on Clery and Title IX requirements, updates, and documentation

CPR Training: A course on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Crisis Intervention Team Training: Community collaborative training designed to improve interactions between police and persons in the midst of medical or mental health crises

Defensive Tactics: Legal updates and physical training on physical subject control, arrest techniques, and defensive tactics

Drug Interdiction and Conducting Complete Traffic Stops: Training course instructing officers on conducting vehicle stops with a focus on narcotics interdiction

DWI and SFST Refresher: Post Academy refresher training on proper DWI detection and field sobriety testing

Effectively Responding to Emotional Crisis: Training course on how to respond to subjects in the midst of emotional crises

Fair and Impartial Policing Refresher: Post Academy refresher training on implicit bias and fair and impartial interactions with the public

Fentanyl: Trends, Investigations and Office Safety: Training course on the pervasiveness and dangerousness of Fentanyl

Firearms Training and Certification: Semi-annual training on the safe and proper usage of department-issued firearms to include classroom, qualification drills, and live-fire scenarios

Implicit Bias: A course designed to discuss the implicit bias all people have and how to combat that in everyday interactions with the public

In-Service: Medicinal Marijuana: A training course designed to familiarize members with the law change regarding medical marijuana in the state

Juvenile Operations Updates: Training on changes to juvenile arrest laws

Naxalone Usage: Training on the administration and effectiveness of Narcan/Naloxone

NY Law Enforcement with Federal Immigrations Laws: Training on implications of federal immigration laws and immigration investigations on campus

Officer Survival Tactics: Course on survival tactics for officers in emergency situations

Patrol Rifle Certification: Initial certification training for the proper and safe usage of department patrol rifles to include classroom, qualification drills, and live-fire scenarios

Power DMS In-Service: Course on power DMS policy system utilization

RAD Basic Instructor Certification: Certification course on patrol vehicle speed radar operation to include classroom and field usage

Residential Life Training: Training with Residential Life on programming and initiatives between our two departments

Response to Sexual Assaults: Training designed to prepare officers to properly respond to reports of sexual assaults, to include discussion of trauma informed interviewing along with the proper victim and witness interview techniques

Supporting International Students: A course designed to familiarize members with international students and their perspective on community and law enforcement

Taser Training: In-Service Department/DCJS Taser Certification Training

Title IX: Course on Title IX requirements, obligations, and legal updates

Use of Force and Legal Updates: Annual training on Use of Force and legal updates which includes any legislative changes or case law decisions

Verbo Judo and De-Escalation Techniques: Training on how to use one’s words to prevent, de-escalate, or end confrontations. The topics include being a calming presence, verbal redirection, engaging others through empathy, and how to avoid common interaction pitfalls


Continuity of Operations: Training on enabling proper continuity of operations in the event of an applicable incident

Disney Leadership Institute: Training provided by Disney Leadership Institute - courses included sessions on Employee Engagement and Professional Development

Emergency Management Exercise: Exercise on responding to events requiring an Emergency Management Response used to measure efficiency and readiness of involved parties

Excellence in Policing: A course designed to increase community trust, community cooperation, officer safety, and decrease citizen complaints, civil suits, and officer stress

PER-343: Social Media Engagement Strategies: Training in the use of content types, engagement strategies, and measurement tools for social media. Helps create a social media strategy and adapt to changing needs

PER-344: Social Media Tools and Techniques: Training on social media tools and techniques for intermediate level messaging, strategy, and increased situational awareness

Property Evidence Room Management Course: Comprehensive and relevant evidence and property management course designed to meet the unique and changing needs of modern evidence room operations

Sustainability Coordinator Program: A program designed to train members on Sustainability within the department

Women's Leadership Institute: A course designed with evidence-informed leadership theories to help operational goals in the context of the unique challenges of female officers

Communication Officers

APCO Public Safety Telecommunications Course: Training for dispatchers/communications officers, covering topics on communication skills, call taking, radio techniques, and work related issues in communications centers.

PowerPhone Active Shooter Response: Course for Communications Officers on proper active shooter response, including topics such as initial call taking and information gathering, directing emergency responders, and decision making.


Active Shooter Exercise Development: Training on enabling proper continuity of operations in the event of an applicable incident

ALERRT Level 2 - Train the Trainer: Advanced training designed to prepare instructors and tactical officers for active shooter response

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE): Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events - familiarization for non-police on safety techniques and how to respond to active shooter incidents

Crisis Intervention Team Training Advanced: An advanced course to further knowledge by reviewing crisis intervention protocols, appropriate crisis response techniques, deeper information on how trauma affects the brain, recognizing different types of crises and tailoring responses appropriately

DCJS Mental Health TTT: Training course preparing instructors to teach proper responses in interactions with persons in crisis

Defensive Tactics Instructor Refresher: Update training for instructors of Defensive Tactics, to include technique discussions/practice, and any legal updates or requirement changes

Instructor Development Course: This course will give officers the ability to research, prepare, and communicate knowledge in the field of law enforcement. Topics include setting instructional objectives, factors that influence learning, communications skills, and methods for evaluating the effectiveness

Law Enforcement Active Shooter Response Course TTT: A course designed to train officers to become instructors who teach Active Shooter Response to response officers

LETDANYS Training Conference: Law Enforcement trainers of NY - refresher course for NYS trainers covering legal updates, policy changes, and tactics updates

Standardized Field Sobriety Instructor TTT: A course designed to train officers to become instructors of standard field sobriety techniques

T3: Tact, Tactics and Trust: A program designed to use social, tactical, and decision-making skills as a unified approach. Designed to strengthen an officer's ability to be agile, adaptable, and creative in situations where safety, trust, and communication are essential

Terrorist Weapons, Tactics and TEHC: Training on various techniques, weapons, and tactics deployed by various terroristic organizations and subjects

Trauma Management: Course on proper physical trauma management (physical injury response)

VALOR - Mid Level Leadership: Training program for mid-level supervisors to foster health and well being to their subordinate officers

VALOR - Survive and Thrive: Training designed to improve the long-term safety, wellness, and mental health of officers


NYSP Campus Sexual Assault Seminar: Several courses on sexual assault response and investigations. Includes case discussions, medical and legal discussions, and interview techniques

Sexual Offense Trauma-Informed Victim Response: The training course provides law enforcement with information on the neurobiology of trauma and investigative strategies to respond properly to sexual assault crimes in a victim-centered, trauma-informed manner

Specialized Officers

Accreditation Program Manager: Training for employees who oversee and manage the NYS DCJS accreditation process and files

Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE): Advanced training for the detection of impaired motor vehicle operators

Police Mountain Bike Patrol Certification Course: Law enforcement course to train officers on how to properly patrol, respond to calls and maintain safety while utilizing a department-issued patrol mountain bike

Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspection Certification: Training officers on how to properly install and subsequently train members of the public on how to properly install child safety seats

Field Training Officer Course: Training course to prepare officers with the tools to become effective field trainers to new officers

FOIL Roundtable Conference: Course on the proper response to FOIL requests

Force Science Institute Certification: Training on the dynamics of human performance involved in the complex world of law enforcement

Force Science Realistic De-escalation: De-Escalation techniques within the context of real-world human dynamics

Glock Armorer Course: Training on the proper maintenance and repair of Glock handguns

Honor Guard Certification: Training for members on the ceremonial knowledge and skill involved in Honor Guard details (events, funeral details, award ceremonies, etc.)

ICS-300: Intermediate Incident Command System: FEMA Incident Command training on the intermediate incident command system

ICS-400: Advanced ICS for Complex Incidents: FEMA Advanced Incident Command training for complex incidents

Basic Investigative Photography: A training course designed to prepare officers on taking effective crime scene photos and their subsequent documentation. Includes identifying possible evidence, proper marking and recording

K-9 Heat Related Illness and Death: Training for K-9 officers on heat related illnesses and dangers for K-9's

Open Source and Social Media Intelligence Training: Training on effective social media usage for police departments

Site Protection Through Observational Techniques: A training course designed to improve observational techniques by using a 4-step ongoing screening process that includes protective awareness, identifying pre-operational behaviors, evaluating, and taking action

Veteran Mental Health and Suicide Prevention: Course on mental health topics relating to Veterans and properly and effectively interacting with those subjects in crisis

Security Services Assistant

Public Venue Bag Search: Training for Security Services Assistant's on the proper way to conduct pre-entry bag searches at venues

Security Services Assistant Annual In-Service Training: Annual NYS Security Guard Certification course


Crowd Manager Training: Training on fire code standards for public events or large gatherings

FBI LEEDA Command Leadership: FBI Leadership Institute course designed to prepare law enforcement leaders for command level positions

FBI LEEDA Executive Leadership: FBI Leadership Institute course designed to prepare agency executives on emerging challenges facing policing

FBI LEEDA Supervisory Leadership: FBI Leadership Institute course designed for first-line supervisors and middle managers to enhance their leadership competencies

Grant Writing for First Responders: Training on how to effectively apply for grant funds

MGT-404: Sports Event Risk Management: The course emphasizes the unique aspects of the response to an incident occurring during sports/special events, including considerations for business continuity and after-action activities

MGT-324: Campus Emergency Prevention, Response and Recovery: The course provides participants with an understanding of dealing with campus emergencies involving natural or manmade events, including acts of violence

MGT-361: Managing Critical Incidents at Institutions of HE: Course on the management of critical incidents for institutions of higher education using a whole community approach

MGT-412: Sport and Special Event Evacuation Training: The course provides assistance to stakeholders to prepare and enhance evacuation plans to assist first responders in implementing flexible and scalable evacuation activities

Police Supervisor School: A training course designed for the professional development of patrol officers to become first-line supervisors. Topics include the effective deployment of resources, communications skills, mentoring, and accountability

Campus Affiliations

The University Police Department works closely together to enhance relationships with the following campus affiliations in an effort to provide a safe and secure community for students, faculty and staff and visitors.