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    Independent Review Committee

What is the Independent Review Committee?

The Independent Review Committee (IRC) works to ensure community confidence in the University Police Department (UPD) by providing feedback and advice to the police chief about the departments' performance and duties.

The Committee has three main functions:

  • To review UPD's investigation of complaints filed against its officers

  • To review UPD's responses to designated incidents to ensure UPD is following department policies

  • To collect information from the campus community on the perceptions and opinions of campus safety and UPD's performance, and prepare an annual report summarizing these matters

The IRC was created in Spring 2014 by the Vice President for Student Affairs, in collaboration with the University Police Chief.

The committee functions independently from UPD. Our responsibilities do not replace UPD's own internal review and discipline procedures, and cannot affect established practices and responsibilities regarding Title IX investigations or labor management.


Who are your members?

IRC members include UAlbany faculty, staff and students who represent an array of community perspectives.

We are appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs for two- or three-year terms and are eligible for reappointment. Our appointed chair schedules meetings to address complaint findings and compiles the yearly audit.

Role Name Term End
Chair Rob Worden, Associate Professor June 30, 2022
Faculty/Staff Keiffer Peralta, Employee Relations Specialist June 30, 2022
Faculty/Staff Clarence McNeill, Dean of Students June 30, 2021
Faculty/Staff Leandra Harris, Associate Director of Residential Life June 30, 2022
Undergraduate student James Johnson June 30, 2021
Undergraduate student Anika Lamia June 30, 2021
Graduate student Olivia S. Mata June 30, 2022

You can contact us by emailing [email protected].