Community Policing

Our Community Policing Philosophy

The University Police Department wishes to develop and maintain a most positive relationship with all members of our community. To effectively serve you, a supportive community-orientated approach to law enforcement is essential.


Our Goals

  • The University Police Department exists to serve all people with respect, fairness, and compassion.
  • We are committed to the prevention of crime and the protection of life and property; the preservation of peace, order, and safety; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and the safeguarding of Constitutional guarantees. To this end, we seek to create a safe and secure campus environment in which the educational mission of the University can be realized free from the specter of crime.
  • With community service as our foundation, we are driven by goals that enhance the quality of life for all in our community. We seek solutions to problems that detract from that quality, thereby fostering a sense of comfort and security in our community.
  • We nurture trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and professionalism.


Our Values

  • We preserve and advance democratic values.
  • We improve the quality of campus life.
  • We demonstrate professionalism.
  • We value human life; therefore, we treat all persons with courtesy and respect.
  • We are compassionate and caring.
  • We use force only when absolutely necessary and only as a last resort.


Our Guiding Principles

  • We respect the individual and believe that our employees are our department's most valuable asset.
  • We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in our department through interaction and concern for each other.
  • We are committed to the fair treatment of employees.
  • We will provide our people with full opportunity to contribute to the success of the department through involvement and participation in the policymaking process.
  • We believe in teamwork.
  • We seek cooperation from others and strive to understand others who might disagree with us.
  • We seek to resolve conflict constructively.
  • We are professional, creative and enthusiastic.
  • We always have a "can do" attitude.
  • We support the goals of the University at Albany.