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Spring 2021 Residence Hall & Apartment Move-In Information

Please review all pre-arrival and arrival proceedures prior to checking in.

Pre-Arrival Proceedures

1. All students must read and follow the University's "Spring 2021 Pre-Arrival and Arrival Requirements" sent via email on January 7, 2021.

2. Out of State and International Students must read and follow the "Out of State and International Student information" (emailed on Jan. 7th) in addition to what is detailed in the Pre-Arrival and Arrival requirements email.

3. Choose a Check-In Appointment:

  • Mandatory for both returning and new students
  • Check-in days are January 26 – January 31, 2021
  • Check-in appointments are 9am-11am, 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm and 3pm-5pm
  • Select your appointment here:

4. Get a Diagnostic Test within 10 days before you arrive on campus.

  • Students who previously tested positive since November 1, 2020 should follow instructions in the Spring 20201 Pre-Arrival and Arrival Requirements email found here.

4. Self-Quarantine and Complete Daily Health Screenings.

5. Submit your Test Result to the Student COVID Documentation Portal found here, select the "COVID Documentation & Pledge" link to sign in.

6. Get Approval to Return to Campus.

  • Students are not allowed onto campus until they have completed the above steps and have had their documentation approved by University officials. Approvals and denials will be sent to students’ UAlbany email accounts.
  • Any student living in University housing who fails to provide the proper documentation before arriving on campus will not be allowed to enter their residence hall or apartment. Card access to your campus housing may be turned off until pre-arrival or arrival requirements are satisfied. Whether you are returning to your Fall 2020 room or moving into a newly assigned room, you are required to schedule your return to campus.

7. Review designated check-in locations and instructions specific to your living area, sent via email by your living area Assistant Director, the week of Januanry 11, 2021.

  • Colonial Quad - Residents assigned to Colonial Quad will check in at the Colonial Quad Flag Room. Colonial Quad Opening Map
  • Dutch Quad - Residents assigned to Dutch Quad will check in at the Dutch Quad Student Success Center Lobby. Dutch Quad Opening Map
  • Empire Commons - Residents assigned to Empire will check in at Empire Commons Community Building. Empire Commons Opening Map
  • Freedom Apartments - Residents assigned to Truth A1-A7 and Stanton B1-B7 will check in at Stanton B4. Residents assigned to Northup C1-C7 and Lazarus D1-D7 will check in at Lazarus D4. Freedom Apartments Opening Map
  • Indian Quad - Residents assigned to Indian Quad will check in at the lobby of the building you are assigned.Indian Quad Opening Map
  • State Quad - Residents assigned to Anthony & Cooper Halls will check in at Cooper Hall lobby. Residents assigned to Fulton Hall will check in at Fulton Hall lobby. Residents assigned to Irving Hall will check in at Irving Hall lobby. Residents assigned to Melville & Steinmetz Halls will check in at Steinmetz lobby. Residents assigned to Tappan & Whitman Halls will check in at the dining hall entrance between Tappan & Whitman Halls. Residents assigned to Eastman Tower will check in at Eastman Tower lobby. State Quad Opening Map

Arrival Proceedures

1. You can ONLY attend your check-in appointment if you received approval to return to campus.

2. Attend your Appointment:

  • To view, select, or edit your appointment please visit your housing application.
  • Students may not arrive before or after their appointment.
  • You may only have 2 people with you to assist you.

3. Check-In Requirements:

  • Bring your UAlbany ID card or State ID. For instruction on receiving or replacing your UAlbany ID Card, click here.
  • Bring a device on which you can register your pool testing kit.
  • Wear a face covering over your nose and mouth.
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet from all students and staff.
  • People assisting you must wait at your vehicle while you check in.

4. Surveillance Testing Kit Registration and Submission:

  • Upon arrival, students are required to register a pool testing kit and submit a saliva sample for pooled surveillance testing.
  • You must receive, register, and submit your saliva sample with Residential Life staff upon arriving to campus.


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