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Parking Fees

Every student and employee must register each vehicle they park on any University at Albany campus and comply with parking rules and regulations.

Register your vehicle online or inside the Office of Parking & Mass Transit Services’ office. Customers can use the 15-minute parking spaces outside our building, which is located at the corner of Tricentennial Drive and University Drive West.

Unless otherwise specified, decals must be picked up in our office during business hours. Note: Registration fees are non-refundable.

Students, faculty and staff members who operate a fuel-efficient vehicle and check the fuel efficient section while registering for a parking decal  - defined as a vehicle that obtains at least 35 mpg in combined city and highway driving - will be provided a 20% vehicle registration fee discount approximately four to five business days after purchase .

In 1996, an agreement was established between the Graduate Student Employee Union (GSEU) and the University at Albany wherein GSEU members are to pay a separate, negotiated fee, in addition to the vehicle parking registration (v/r) fee. Several weeks after the start of each semester, PMTS is notified, by Human Resources, of students who are GSEU members and your fee will be billed.


Students may choose to register their vehicle for on-campus parking. The fee is $50 per vehicle.

Student decals are renewed annually and last from September 1 to August 31 each year.

The University charges broad-based fees — including the Comprehensive Service Fee, which helps fund the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services — to all enrolled students.

Note: Residential first year students are not eligible for on-campus parking. Read our residential first year student policy for more information.

Students who are honorably discharged veterans or active military personnel, including in the National Guard and Reserves, can request a 20% discount ($10) when they register their vehicle.

Veterans will be asked to provide DD Form 214 or a retired Military ID card. Active military personnel will be asked to provide a Military ID card. Please contact the Office of Veteran and Military Student Services with questions regarding eligibility.

Unionized Faculty & Staff

The fee is $25 per vehicle for UAlbany employees who are members of CSEA, UUP, PEF or Council 82.

Non-unionized Faculty & Staff

UAlbany employees who are non-union are may select one of the following options:

  • Full year (September 1 to August 31): $105.60

  • Academic year (September 1 to May 31): $94.80

  • One semester: $84

  • One month: $46.20

Retired Faculty & Staff

Retired faculty and staff members can register for a parking decal at no charge inside the Parking & Mass Transit Services office. Retirees returning to state service must pay a $25 fee per vehicle.

Decals must be renewed each August and are valid for all faculty/staff and student parking areas. Retiree decals cannot be used in visitor lots, reserved spaces or metered spaces, and cannot be used for accessible spaces without the proper placard.

Your status as a retiree is determined by the Office of Human Resource Management.

Note: Current faculty, staff and students are not allowed to use retiree decals.

University Volunteers

Volunteers are eligible for a commuter student permit at a rate of $50.

Decal Regulations

Parking decals are required to park in student or employee parking lots.

Vehicle Registration

For employees and students, the vehicle must be legally registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in either your name or the name of an immediate family member.

New York State Public Health Law Section 238 defines “immediate family” to include your spouse, parents (including birth parents, adoptive parents, stepparents and parents-in-law), children (including stepchildren and children-in-law), siblings (including siblings-in-law), grandparents and grandchildren.

Proof of relationship is required if the last name or address does not match DMV and/or University records. The University may provide an exemption to existing parking regulations in extreme circumstances, which would be reviewed by a committee.

For vehicles registered outside of New York State, you must provide a copy of the registration when you buy your decal. If you make the purchase online, you must provide the copy of your out-of-state registration when you pick up your decal.

Decal Display

Decals must be permanently affixed inside the lower passenger side of the front windshield to be valid. Your decal is not considered active and valid until properly affixed to your registered vehicle. 

Failure to affix your decal in the designated area will result in a citation. The decal must also be readable from outside of the vehicle.

Individuals with multiple vehicles will be issued one hang tag to move between vehicles. Failure to properly hang the tag from your rearview mirror, with the plate number facing forward, will result in a citation. Please remove the hang tag before driving the vehicle.

You are only eligible to have one vehicle on campus at any given time.

Resident & Commuter Parking Areas

Resident and Commuter students with a valid permit are permitted to park in their specifically designated lots or a shared lot as noted below.

Resident students with a valid permit can also park in any commuter or faculty/staff parking lot besides the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Commuter students with a valid permit can also park in any resident or faculty/staff parking lot besides the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Resident Parking Lots include:

  • Northwest Gold

  • State Annex

  • Empire Commons

  • Liberty Terrace

  • Freedom Quad (excluding Freedom North)

Commuter Parking Lots include:

  • Colonial A & B (North and Middle lot)

  • State Quad Gold

  • Indigenous Quad Gold

  • ETEC 

Shared Resident and Commuter Parking Lots include:

  • Dutch Gold

  • Freedom North

  • East UAB (no overnight parking)

  • SEFCU Arena (no overnight parking)

Parking Violations

The person who was issued the parking decal is responsible for any parking violations issued to their vehicle and/or vehicles belonging to family members.

It is your responsibility to know and follow University parking rules and regulations, and to inform your family of these policies.

Please visit the general Parking page for more information on parking violations, including instructions on how to pay and/or appeal citations.

License Plates & Temporary Permits

The license plate indicated on the decal must match the plate on the vehicle. Decals are not transferable.

University community members are responsible for obtaining a replacement decal if their license plate and/or vehicle information changes in any way.

If you get a new vehicle or change your license plate for any reason, bring your current decal back and register your new vehicle for $5. If you do not return your current decal, you must pay full price for a replacement.

If you bring a different vehicle to campus, you must obtain a temporary permit from the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services. Anyone with a valid decal is entitled to 10 free temporary day permits for an alternative vehicle each registration year.

Health Sciences Campus Parking Permits

The Health Sciences Campus has different parking permits from those used on the Uptown and Downtown Campuses. Health Sciences Campus permits are not valid on the Uptown and Downtown Campuses.

For questions about Health Sciences Campus parking, contact Health Sciences Campus, at 518-591-8400.

Visitors' Lots

To maintain enough parking for our daily visitors and guests, UAlbany restricts who can park in areas designated for visitors.

Campus community members (including students, faculty, staff, vendors, affiliates and contractors) who have purchased a valid UAlbany parking decal, including a Special Permit, or anyone who is eligible to purchase an UAlbany parking decal, are not permitted to use visitors' lots or metered parking spots.

Those who park in any area designated for visitors will be subject to a citation — even if proper validation has occurred.


Motorcycles must be registered with a valid University decal to park on campus.

You may register more than one vehicle (including one motorcycle and one car), but you cannot have more than one vehicle on campus at any given time.

Motorcycles can be parked in any area covered by your current decal, in any open or registered parking area during posted hours, and directly behind any light post, so long as it does not take up a space that could be used by a car.

Motorcycles cannot be parked on sidewalks or under stairs. Tandem parking is prohibited. Motorcycles parked in bicycle racks are subject to tickets and/or towing.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is available to students, faculty, and staff members who have both a valid parking decal and a license plate or valid placard displaying the Universal Symbol of Access.

Students, faculty, and staff members who meet these requirements can park in any designated student, faculty/staff, accessible, or special permit area. Review accessibility maps of our campuses.

Vehicles parked in accessible spaces without a license plate or valid placard displaying the Universal Symbol of Access will be ticketed.

Temporary Placards

Students who do not have a license plate or valid placard displaying the Universal Symbol of Access but who need a temporary accommodation must contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) before contacting the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services (PMTS).

The DRC will review your request and, if you are eligible, provide a recommendation that PMTS approve a temporary special permit accommodation.

New residential students with medical accommodations that have been approved by Student Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services may be granted an exemption for expected duration of need.

PMTS cannot accept or review medical documentation.



Parking Policy for Resident First Year Students

Resident first year students are not allowed to bring a vehicle to campus, purchase a parking permit, or park in visitors’ lots and metered parking spaces. Credits earned during high school or in pre-college courses does not have an effect on this policy.

Students who do not live in on-campus housing, who are 21 or older, or who are entering at least their third semester at a college or university can park on campus with a valid parking permit.

Who is eligible for an exemption to this policy?

Students with medical accommodations that have been approved by Student Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services may be granted an exemption for expected duration of need. Note: PMTS cannot accept or review medical documentation.

Students with military obligations may be granted an exemption if they provide supporting documentation from their commanding officer on military letterhead. Military exemptions are granted one semester at a time and renewals will not be granted if the student receives a parking violation.

What are the repercussions for breaking this policy?

Anyone who attempts to register a vehicle for a resident first year student will be referred to the Office of Community Standards.

Any vehicle registered to a resident first year resident student will also be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense, even if legally parked.