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Be a Leader, Serve

Leaders in Service

The Department of Residential Life and the Division of Student Success Present Leaders in Service

What is the Leaders in Service (LIS) Program?

The Leaders in Service Program aims to place “the world within reach” by immersing students in community service so that it becomes a part of their way of life, and so that they become lifelong servants in their communities, wherever they are in the world. LIS is a community service and learning program designed for University at Albany students, faculty, and staff, with a focus on frosh in residence. LIS seeks leaders to serve with other participants who are passionate about service. Leaders engage in service projects, leadership development opportunities, and mentorship opportunities.

What are Leaders charged to do?

Leaders are charged to reach beyond the University’s borders to engage in the local community and beyond through high-impact service projects created in shared vision with community partners, students, administrators, and faculty members.

How do Leaders Serve?

The exact movement of LIS derives from the group itself. A schedule of short-term and long-term projects is developed based on the needs of the community.

What are the benefits of being a Leader in Service?

  • Network with Community Leaders
  • Build and Strengthen Leadership Skills
  • Enjoy Mentorship Opportunities
  • Gain Real Life Experience and Skills
  • Work in a Team-Oriented Environment
  • Help Others
  • Gain 2-5 course credits (LIS is affiliated with the Community & Public Service Program)

How do I become a Leader in Service?

Complete and submit an application to be considered for selection. Email
LIS Facebook Page