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Housing Sign Up 2019-2020

To choose on-campus housing for next year returning students must go through the online housing sign up process.

Room Selection Guidelines

February 1st

  • Complete Application
    • Application can also be accessed through MyUAlbany under the Campus Life tab
  • Pay Housing Deposit using EPay
    • Select eDeposit from the top menu.
    • Select Fall 2019
    • Select Room Deposit
  • Must complete these steps to get YOUR Sign Up Date and Time

February 4th - 8th

February 19th - 22nd: Phase 1

  • Apartments Special Interest Housing - February 19th
  • February 20th - 22nd: Sign-up for Alumni Quad, Freedom Apartments, Empire Commons, and Liberty Terrace
  • Must have 56+credits to be eligible

February 28th - March 8th: Phase 2

  • February 25th - February 27th: QUAD SPECIAL INTEREST HOUSING
  • Open to all current UAlbany students
  • February 28th - March 8th: CURRENT FRESHMAN SIGN-UP
  • For Colonial Quad, Dutch Quad, and Alumni Quad
  • Must have been admitted as a Freshman in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019

March 11th: Phase 3

  • For Colonial Quad, Dutch Quad and Alumni Quad
  • Current Students may sign-up for any remaining spaces


Need Help?

Attend one of the Housing Sign Up Informational Meetings

Email: (starting February 19th)

For Housing Sign Up help, please contact the Housing Sign up Help Desk:

Housing Signup Help Desk Hours
February 19th - March 7th
Monday - Friday
10:00am - 7:00pm

Email: (starting February 19th)
Call: 518-442-5797
Visit: Your Quad Information Center

Having issues viewing the color-coded room availability on the floor plan in ResCenter? Please refer to the following troubleshooting guides for assistance: Mozilla Firefox or Chrome