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For Questions about temporary increased housing, visit our temporary assignment page

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New Resident Questions

When will I get my housing assignment and roommate information?
Room assignments for the 2019 -2020 Academic year will be sent out via campus email the first week of August. Please keep an eye on your campus email account.
When do the Residence Halls open?
The Residence Halls opening dates for the Fall 2019 semester are as follows:

Wednesday, August 21st, 9am to 12pm: Honors College Housing, Living and Learning Communities (LLC), and EOP
Thursday, August 22nd, 8am to 5pm: Freshman and Transfers assigned to State Quad - Eastman Tower (floors 10-21), Anthony, Cooper, Tappan, and Whitman Halls. Indian Quad - Mohawk Tower (floors 10-21), Adirondack, Cayuga, Mahican, and Montauk Halls.
Friday, August 23rd, 8am to 1pm: All Remaining Freshman and Transfer Students
Saturday, August 24th - Sunday, August 25th, 9am to 5pm: All Returning Students
Please note: Classes begin Monday, August 26th, 2019

What Furniture is supplied in my room?
For each student there is an extra long twin bed, mattress, desk and chair, dresser and closet. All of our residence halls have wireless internet connections; in addition, each student is assigned an Ethernet connection and a cable jack. Each suite in the Residence Halls and bedrooms on Indian Quad have a hard wired phone that is for accessing the University 911 system and for campus calls only.
What is a temporary or increased assignment?
When class size increases beyond the normal capacity of bed spaces, we use temporary housing as a means to provide housing for all incoming students.
Please see our Temporary Assignment web page for more information.
I have received my bill what does my room charge mean?
All students who are in a Standard Double, and Increased Triple, or a Temporary converted lounge will see a Standard room charge on their bill. Students who are assigned and check into an Increased Triple or Converted lounge will receive a 20% discount for each week they are in the temporary location. These discounts will be placed on the student�s account once the additional student has checked out of the space. Once the University reaches below 100% occupancy the discount is no longer in effect.
What do I need bring to campus with me?
Please see our What to Pack web page for detailed information on what to bring, and what is not allowed in the residence halls.
What do I need to do if I am not returning for the Spring Semester?

If you are formally withdrawing from the University at Albany, you will need to withdraw at LC30 and then file a housing contract release request with the Office of Residential Life.

All students who are currently living in housing on campus are in a housing contract for both the fall and spring semesters. As with any contract, you are legally bound to this agreement and are expected to honor this housing agreement. Residential Life realizes that there are some extenuating circumstances in which a student may need to break the housing contract, for these special cases we do have a housing release application that can be filled out and submitted to the Office of Residential Life for consideration. Please note that we review each release request on a case by case basis and will approve or deny the request based on the release application and supporting documentation submitted. Please see the link below for the release application.

Roommate and Suitemate Questions

How do I obtain my future roommates and/or suitemate's contact information?
When you receive your housing assignment email in August, you will have the email addresses of your roommate and suite mates. Please watch your University at Albany email account for your housing assignment notification. It is not possible to accommodate all roommate requests. Please note: Roommate Requests cannot be accommodated after June 1st.
What if I want to change roommates within my suite?
Any changes within the suite must be discussed with and approved by your Residence Hall Director. Failure to make these changes with the Residence Hall Director will result in data, phone & voicemail problems, inappropriate mailing addresses, and damage billing errors. Your room assignment is tied to many services and their efficiency depends on the accuracy of that information.
I am not sure if I am going to get along with my roommate, can I apply for a Room Change?
Room change requests are not accepted until after the first week of classes. Students are encouraged to work together with their roommate in order to develop a mutually respectful relationship and maintain a positive living environment. Staff are trained in conflict resolution and will act as mediators when roommate conflicts warrant such measures. Room Change Request forms may be submitted after the first two weeks of class (in the Quad Information Center). The Residence Hall director for the building in which the student currently resides will grant or deny requests at their discretion and based upon the availability of space on the campus. This process will begin with a Room Change Request Form, and is usually followed up with an individual appointment with the Residence Director for building in which the student currently resides.
What do I need to do if I am granted a room change?
If you are granted a room change you will be given a time frame in which you must complete your move. First you must completely move out of the current space in which you occupy. You will then fill out the appropriate paperwork, return your keys, and be issued a receipt (copy of your RCR). Do not lose this piece of paper! You will then be issued keys to your new assignment. If you are moving to another Quad you will need to show the copy of your RCR which indicates that your keys were returned in order to check into your new room. You cannot occupy two spaces at once; therefore keys will not be issued until you have completely checked out of your current space. It is suggested that you make arrangements with your new suitemates/roommates to coordinate access to your new room for moving purposes if you intend to move in piecemeal fashion. Typically you are given until the Sunday following the date of notification of your room change request being granted.

Room Questions

I need something repaired in my room, what do I do?
You must visit your Quad Information Center and fill out a Repair Slip. On the Repair Slip you will need to provide information such as your name, a contact number and days / times that you are available to provide access to maintenance personnel if the repair is located in your bedroom. You will also be asked to describe the nature of the problem and its location. Theses slips are picked up throughout the course of the day and prioritized by severity of the request. If you have an emergency situation: your toilet is overflowing for example, please call your Quad Information Center immediately.
What type of appliances / furnishings can I possess?
For snack preparation, the following appliances, UL approved only, are permitted:
  • Pop-up Toaster
  • Closed element Popcorn Popper
  • Micro-Fridge Units
  • Thermostatically controlled Hot Pots & Rice Cookers
  • Coffee makers
  • Refrigerators ( Less than 6 cubic ft. ; 110volts; less than 1.75amperes; UL approved)
  • What items are prohibited in the Residence Halls?
    The following items are prohibited because of the hazards they pose to the safety and living environment of the buildings occupants:
  • All Halogen Lamps
  • Microwave Ovens (unless the approved Micro-fridge Unit); Toaster Ovens; Any Indoor Grilling devices (such as George Forman grills); All open coil burning devices;
  • Candles/Incense or any open flame device;
  • Air Conditioners; Ceiling fans;
  • Cinder blocks (only store bough plastic bed risers are permitted � a majority of beds on campus adjust in height for storage); Lofts of any kind; Waterbeds;
  • Sand; Inflatable pools;
  • Pets (only fish are allowed)
  • Tapestries
  • Weapons of any-kind � even decorative
  • Drugs and/or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Hoverboards
  • Can I alter the physical space in my room/suite?
    No, you may not alter the physical state of the room from its original condition upon your check-in. This includes painting, building or installing lofts, sandboxes, inflatable pools or any other alteration that negates the purpose of the living environment.
    What is an E-RCR?
    E-RCR is the acronym for Electronic Room Condition Report. It is an electronic form utilized by your Resident Director to assess the condition of your living space prior to your check-in date and then again used to assess the condition upon your checkout. Change in condition of the room that is not attributed to normal wear and tear is considered damage and will result in a damage bill. Upon check-in you will have 72hrs to review the condition of your living space. To review your E-RCR, log into your MyUlbany Account and select the Campus Life Tab, and then select My Housing Application. At the bottom of your screen click the Room Condition Report link. If you find any discrepancies in the condition of the room from what the E-RCR details, then you need to add comments and/or select the appropriate condition on your E-RCR. Resident Directors will review your comments within 3 business days of your submission of your E-RCR.
    Should I have Renter's Insurance?
    Renter's Insurance is a great idea for all students in order to ensure the security of your belongings while away from home. You may want to check to see if your parent or guardian�s homeowner policy has a rider that covers your belongings while you are away. If not, renter's insurance is not expensive and the piece of mind you will have in the event that your property is damaged, lost or stolen is well worth the price.
    I am 21 years of age and I live on State and/or Indian Quad, can I possess alcohol?
    No. State and Indian, which are home to our Freshman population, are both dry Quads meaning alcohol is not permitted even if you are of age. Students may not even possess empty alcohol containers nor use them for decorative purposes.
    Is smoking allowed in the Residence Halls?
    Smoking is not allowed in any residence hall.
    Can I have guests in my room?
    Absolutely. It is important that if they are overnight visitors that you discuss this first with your roommate/suitemates. Please register your overnight guests in your Quad Information Center. It is important that you understand that you will be held accountable for your guest�s actions if they are in violation of University policy through the duration of their visit. Guests may be housed with their host for up to a 72hr. period over a 30-day timeframe.
    What is the proper way for people to address mail to me?
    Your mailbox number will be provided to you in your room assignment letter.

    University at Albany
    ALBANY, NY 12222

    If you reside on Alumni Quad, please also include your Hall name

    University at Albany
    ALBANY, NY 12222

    For further information please visit the Mail Services Website