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Cable Television Digital Upgrade

The University at Albany and Spectrum have partnered to bring you all-digital, high-definition service on campus. We offer one HBO and one Showtime channel for all residential students, as well as approximately 45 music channels at no charge.

Preparing for Digital Cable Service

  • Verify that your television as a QAM Tuner
    • Many TVs made after 2006 have a built-in QAM tuner. If your TV does not have one, a converter box can be purchased online. Please reference your owner’s manual or research the make/model of your TV online to see if it has a QAM tuner. For more information on QAM tuners, please see the QAM Troubleshooting Tips
  • Program my TV to view the new channel lineup
    • Most QAM tuner TVs have a “Channel Search” or “Auto Program” function that will automatically scan the incoming signals and detect the ones that are available. It may be necessary to do a channel search before your TV will allow you to tune to a specific channel.