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Cable Television Service at UAlbany

Cable television at the University at Albany is provided by Spectrum.

To report problems with your cable service, please call Spectrum at
844-725-4339. Please notify the Spectrum Agent that you are a student at the University at Albany.

The University at Albany and Spectrum Cable have partnered to bring you all-digital, high-definition service on campus. We offer one HBO and one Showtime channel for all residential students, as well as approximately 45 music channels at no charge.

Please note: Televisions must be equipped with a QAM tuner to receive channels at The University at Albany. Please verify with your television manufacturer that there is a QAM tuner installed on your television. Standalone QAM tuner boxes can also be used if your TV is not equipped. No equipment is offered by Spectrum or The University at Albany.

For more information please visit:

Cable TV Digital Upgrade Information Web page