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Alumni Quad Information

Quad Office:
Mon - Thurs 9AM - 12AM
Friday 9AM - 1AM
Saturday 12PM - 1AM
Sunday 1PM - 12AM

Ph: 518-442-5870
Fax: 518-442-5892

    Wellness Center Hours:
    Monday 9AM - 10PM
    Tuesday 5PM - 10PM
    Wednesday 9AM - 2PM
    (closed from 2PM - 5PM)
    Wednesday 6PM - 10PM
    Thursday 5PM - 10PM
    Friday 9AM - 9PM

Alumni Quad

Alumni Quad has evolved a long and rich tradition. Early in its history, the Quad was home to future teachers training to provide New York State students an important educational foundation. Currently, Alumni Quad students come from throughout the region, the country, and from around the world. The transfer and international students living at the Quad have created a vibrant and robust community, sharing exciting experiences, cultures, hopes, and aspirations.

Its expedient location leaves the individual right in the cusp of the Albany Pine hills area, just minutes away from the University Downtown campus that has our Dewey Library, School of Criminal Justice, Rockefeller College, School of Public Policy, School of Social Welfare and soon to come the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Pierce, Alden, Waterbury and Sayles Halls are all traditional corridor style rooms with communal bathrooms centrally located on each floor. Pierce and Sayles offer a limited number of single style occupancy, while the remainder are double occupancy rooms.

Alumni Quad also has its own state-of-the-art fitness center, run by our very own Residential Life Team.

Alumni Quad Dining Room is the home of an exciting new dining program for students called FoD (Food on Demand). It features a restaurant-style atmosphere with cutting-edge cuisine facilitated through the use of touch-screen ordering systems. Simple Servings meals are available for lunch and dinner upon request. Please see manager or cashier for details. MyFlex and myChoice meal plan holders always receive a 60% discount off the door rate. Dining facility is open Sunday - Friday breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. Late Night Dining is Sunday-Thursday from 8p-11p.

There are several study and meeting spaces throughout the quad to enhance the scholar experience among our students.

There is also a SEFCU ATM located in the lobby of Waterbury Hall. More information about banking services on campus may be found by visiting