University at Albany

Renewable Energy on Campus

Social Science Solar Panels

Solar Panels

More than $287,000 in federal stimulus money will fund the installation of a 49-kilowatt solar panel system on the Social Sciences Building, saving approximately $5,000 a year. The project, which will reduce carbon emissions by 20 tons annually, was competitively selected under the State Energy Program by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

Renewable Energy Credits

The University also purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets as environmentally-conscious measures at University Hall. UAlbany purchased 800,000 kilowatt hours of wind energy with the RECs, which will help support wind farms in New York State. The certified carbon offsets will reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated from the building. The estimated annual environmental benefit from the REC purchase is equivalent to removing 110 passenger vehicles from the road.  The estimated annual environmental benefit from the carbon offsets is equivalent to removing 79.3 passenger vehicles from the road. The certified RECs and carbon offsets are being supplied by renewable energy developer and marketer Renewable Choice.

The University also purchases Green-e Energy certified clean source and American wind RECS for the Business Building, Service Building A, and Liberty Terace from Renewable Choice.

Renewable Energy Choice


Liberty Terrace Heat Pump

The University's new apartment complex, Liberty Terrace, features a geothermal heat pump system that supplies the apartments with heating and cooling. It uses the earth as a heat source in the winter and heat sink in the summer. It provides approximately 400 tons of temperature control to the building and uses 50% less energy than the other buildings on campus. The geothermal system is expected to save about $300,000 per year.