University at Albany

Green Purchasing

Consumption choices play a large role in sustainability. When buying a product, check out the eco-friendly products available. On campus, there are several examples of green purchasing in action. The University uses only Green Seal approved cleaning products. The University Bookstore has an area designated for eco-friendly items. Chartwells has incorporated bio-degradable bags and dishware in their campus center outlets and offers a discount on coffee when utilizing a reusable mug.


The University Bookstore

The bookstore sells green products such as, reusable bags, school supplies made out of recycled material (such as pencils, folders, binders and USB flash drives), refillable water bottles, coffee mugs, organic t-shirts and more.


Bio-Degradable Bags

Biodegradable bags are used in the Campus Center at Outtakes, the University Bookstore, and all food locations. These bags break down at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% humidity, conditions found at our area landfill.


Green Purchasing Regulations and Policies

As a state agency, the University follows green purchasing guidelines established in NYS Executive Order 4. For a guide to our green purchasing mandates, click here.

University Hall is Carbon Neutral

University Hall is on the path towards carbon neutrality by purchasing wind power and carbon offsets to account for the heating, electricity and travel emissions from building occupants. Read more here.