Buying Green

Sustainable Features of ETEC

ETEC is a hub for innovation, scholarship, applied research and commercial development designed to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations to confront complex problems. The $180 million, 245,000 gross square foot state-of-the-art building is on track for LEED platinum status.

Buying Green


  • 100% site retention of stormwater through​ porous paved parking lot and porous paver entries, bio retention basins

  • 35% reduction in potable water use through water efficient plumbing fixtures

  • A green teaching roof




  • Innovation in geothermal design- In addition to 190 vertical wells that are 499' deep, there is (1) group of (18) horizontal loop that is 590' in length. 

  • 100% electric building with no fossil fuel combustion except for emergency generator. Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water heating from geothermal heat pumps.

  • White roof to reduce heat island effects

  • EV charging stations

  • Energy efficient lab design- modulating lab ventilation based on occupancy and lab use through occupancy sensors, proximity sensors, and sash position limiters.

  • Heat recovery ventilation to reduce energy used to condition outside air introduced to the building

  • Modulating ventilation in classrooms and conference rooms based on occupancy and use for improved ventilation and energy performance

  • Daylight controls to reduce use of electrical lighting and enhance user experience

  • LED lighting for all interior and exterior applications with controls to reduce lighting energy use

  • Energy efficient building envelope including reduced glazed surface area, higher R-value walls, windows, and roofs, and air sealing to reduce heat loss/gain from building to exterior environment. 

  • Sub-metering and Building Management System to continuously monitor energy performance 

  • Covered bike racks with shower facilities