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Systems & Software Development

CHSR designs customized computer information solutions to meet the programmatic, administrative, and evaluation needs of human service providers and government agencies. Our information technology experts have experience in service delivery which enhances our understanding of and commitment to human service initiatives. In developing these systems, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Designing easy-to-use Internet, intranet, and stand-alone programs
  • Producing timely, meaningful, and easy-to-understand output
  • Providing outstanding client service
  • Utilizing the latest advanced technology
  • Ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and security

Systems & Software Services

CHSR offers a comprehensive package of technical database services and supports:

Systems Design
We work closely with agencies in designing and developing useful computer applications. These applications are implemented to assist users in organizing data and providing them with easy-to-read results that can be interpreted for proper use.

Reports and Other Outputs
We design customized database applications to meet reporting and management requirements, such as:

  • Documenting progress and outcomes to funders
  • Creating automated reminders to support day-to-day operations
  • Producing spreadsheets, graphs, maps, statistical tables, customized reports, and other visual displays of data
  • Scoring client assessments
  • Tracking types and levels of services provided
  • Calculating performance targets

Computer Applications Training and Support
We provide individual and group hands-on training, as well as integrative on-line help manuals for each application. We offer a dedicated team to solve problems, answer questions, clean data, and assist users. We operate a help desk to assist users for all of our applications.

Database Systems Security
We comply with the strictest standards regarding confidentiality and data security. Security of our systems is protected through data encryption and user authentication strategies.

System Maintenance and Updating
We provide customized revisions and updates to reflect ongoing changes in programs and policies.

Systems & Software Projects

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